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Mountain Equipment, Dehradun

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Shop No 6, Gangotri Complex, Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

0135-2653646, 2622672, 9897056463

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1+ Comments Reply Reply Privately Last Comment Posted On : 31-Jul-13
Pankaj Singh, Posted On 31-Jul-13
630 SATA Bty PIN-926630                                                                                       C/o 56APO   300503/RF/        /A                                                                                                Jul 2013     Mountain Equipment, Dehradun Shop No 6, Gangotri Complex, Indian military academy, Dehradun       CALL FOR QUOTATIONS FOR PURCHASE OF JACKET COMBAT     Sir,   1.         It is intimated that this unit requires Combat Jacket in bulk.   2.         You are requested to forward quotation for Combat Jacket with following specification :-                (a)       Jacket Combat till waist.   (b)       Jacket must be able to sustain temperature upto - 50C               (c)        Jacket to have outer shell & inner layer detachable.                           (d)       Outer shell to be made up of wind Cheater material with hood.               (e)       Outer Jacket to have polyfibre filling.               (f)        Inner layer should be made up of fleece. It should be detachable with        hood.               (g)       Should tight fit around the neck, wrist and waist to prevent entry of wind.               (j)         Jacket to have a water proof carrying bag.                                                                                                                               Yours faithfully,                                                                                                                              (Pankaj Kumar Singh)                                                                                                              Captain                                                                                                             Presiding Officer  
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