VEDANTA IAS/PCS - No 1 coaching institute in Dehra Dun

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VEDANTA is No. 1 coaching institute for IAS/PCS coaching in Dehradun. Neha Nautiyal IAS Rank 185 is the student of VEDANTA.

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Looking for Posh 3/4 BR Independent Bungalow on Lease in Dehradun in Posh Locality. Please send Photo of Unit & Interiors. Please call 9818566101
I have multiple job openings in my company
I have multiple openings in my company, running eGovernance projects in different cities of Uttarakhand, such as DehraDun, Haldwani, Lal Kuan. We hire fresher/experience candidates having good knowledge of MS Office and English typing and provide them job on company payroll. Those interested may call on +91-93508-49521 for scheduling interview.
Teaching Resume of Lalit Kumar Sharma, Submit your resume now!
Teaching Resume of Lalit Kumar Sharma, Submit your resume now!
Any vacancy for me?
Sir, I have done my M Sc in foods and nutrition from g.b.p.u.a.t. pantnagar. I want to know is there any vacancy related to this? Thanks in advance.
Girls Hostel in Dehra Dun excellent location, safe, homely env
DehraDun Event: Babaji's Birthday Celebration at Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram
Venue: Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust (Ashram)180-C Rajpur Rd,Rajpur P. O.,Dehra Dun- 248009,Uttarkhand, India.Contact:Amba Shivaranjani on 0135-2734214         Email: ashram@srby.orgEvent Details: Sunder Kand Paath followed by prasadamDate: 13th Sep, 2014Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Daily Satsang, Bhajan, Keertan, Bhandara (13th Sep to 21st Sep) Birthday Celebration - 20th Sep, 2014 Hawan, Satsang, Bhajan, Keertan, Bhandara Spiritual Head, Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj - direct disciple of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.About Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj - His Holiness Shri Shivarudra Balayogi, also affectionately known as Baba Maharaj, is a Self-Realized Yogi - one who has completed the path of Yoga and attained union with the Divine Consciousness.babaji A direct disciple of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, He entered His Guru's service at the age of 19 and was later initiated into Sanyas, a monastic life of pure devotion and service to God and Guru.  He was placed in charge of the Dehra Dun Ashram of the Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Charitable Trust, where He attended to the Ashram visitors and His Guru's mission. Thus He spent 20 years absorbed in intense spiritual practice, combining selfless service, devotion to His Guru and deep meditation.Following the Mahasamadhi (the passing from this world's physical form) of His beloved Guru in 1994, Shri Shivarudra Balayogi was initiated through a divine vision into the spiritual practice of Tapas, in which He meditated for an average of 20 hours a day continually for the next 5 years. The culmination of this was the attainment of the goal of all spirituality -Self Realization, the permanent union of the mind with the Supreme Peace of Infinite Pure Consciousness.He now travels the world carrying on His Guru's mission of teaching dhyana meditation, true devotion and selfless service. Baba Maharaj is the embodiment of gentleness and compassion. His life itself is His teaching: devotion to God and Guru, selfless service to humanity and unrelenting effort in striving for spiritual perfection.Shri Babaji offers initiation into the technique of dhyana meditation which He used to achieve Self Realization, freely and without obligation. He engages audiences worldwide with His profound spiritual insight, drawn from deep personal experience rather than scriptural study.  His teachings are the purest form of the sublime philosophy of Self Realization taught by the ancient Sages of India.
PHP Developer resume of Sachin, Submit your resume now!
PHP Developer resume of Sachin, Submit your resume now!
Electrical Engineer Resume of Lokesh Kuletha, Submit your resume now!
Electrical Engineer Resume of Lokesh Kuletha, Submit your resume now!
Looking for Groom
Wheatish Complexion,Age-30 ,working in Manufaturing industry in HR Department at Lal Tappar,Dehradun. Please call 8979000147
Web Developer Resume of Rumeet, Submit your resume now!
Web Developer Resume of Rumeet, Submit your resume now!
SAP Resume of Kamal Singh, Submit your resume now!
SAP Resume of Kamal Singh, Submit your resume now!
Looking for a part time job
looking for part time job, i have also 2.6 year experience
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Lecturer Resume of Rajesh Singh Bhandari, Submit your resume now!
Marketing Resume of Sidharth Raju, Submit your resume now!
Marketing Resume of Sidharth Raju, Submit your resume now!
I want driving job
I want driving job
Carry your own bags before you go shopping in DehraDun
Uttarakhand Government saw a blanket ban on the use of polythene bags on July 17, and violators have to cough up fine of upto Rs 5000.This was city municipal commissioner Harak Singh Rawat's first project to clean up DehraDun.
Sales and Marketing Resume of M Shuaib, Submit your resume now!
Sales and Marketing Resume of M Shuaib, Submit your resume now!
Skill Development Centre India
About Centre for Employability Skills (CES Academy) CESAcademy’s Skill Development Centre aims at assisting students, job aspirants and working professionals in discovering their potential through multi-level assessment, working on their skills and competencies and aligning their skills and personality to a relevant career. The program is suitable for senior secondary students, graduates, job seekers and working professionals. It helps you learn life and workplace skills like time management, stress management, change management, negotiations, adaptability, decision making, thinking creatively, business communication including English speaking and writing, confidence, self-starting, team working, self-management, business computer or IT skills, problem solving, business numeracy etc. Speaking English is not enough.>> Though speaking in English is considered important today but it cannot guarantee you success. The organisations expect job applicants (even freshers) to have skills required to perform and prosper at the work place. Our programs help you gain functional fluency in spoken English through the workshops we do for skill development. How do you benefit from work place skills?>> Your success rate is higher than other aspirants Help you discover your talent and competencies It gives you confidence Helps you network with the industry patrons and leaders Improve your presentation skills through real time experiences You become adaptable; the most important trait employers look for today Our Program is based on dividing the ‘Job’ Journey into ‘Problem’ Statements>> Resume. The first problem area, we help you in creating effective resumes. We focus on the content rather than the look and feel. Job Search and Application. Searching for Job is a full time Job. We help you in understand the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘where’ of Job Search and Application Job Interview. We focus on the content of the Job Interview. Help you understand the questions and guide you to answer them in the best possible manner Workplace Skills We help you develop required skills for performing and prospering at the workplace and also understand the employer’s requirement and expectations Our program is offered through following tools>> Assessment Continued Workshops Presentations Group & Individual Activities AV Coaching Real Time Experience Live Projects Events Simulations & Mock Sessions Role Plays, Games & Industry Interactions Summary of Benefits / Values you draw from the program. Decision Making, Confidence, Future Success and Opens up doors of opportunities for you. Two Level Assessments   Besides the work assessments, your personality, skills and competencies are assessed at the time of entry and subsequently at the competition of the program Skilling for Life This program helps you in acquiring skills which you can transfer from one work situation to another throughout your life Best Networking The program offers you opportunity to network with the industry leaders and hiring managers Two level Job Assistance You are offered a two level Job assistance. One is through the standardised and validated assessment test you take and the other through Skill Development India’s network The Programs we offer:>> Job Readiness Weekdays, 1.5 hour contact, Monday to Saturday for 1 Week Job Readiness & Suitability Weekdays, 1.5 hour contact, Monday to Saturday for 2 Week Express Weekdays, 1 hour contact, Monday to Friday for 1 Months Rapid Weekends, 4 hour contact, Saturday / Sunday for 1 Months Comprehensive Accelerated Weekdays, 2.5 hour contact, Monday to Friday for 1 Months Advanced Weekdays, 1 hour contact, Monday to Friday for 2 Months Comprehensive Weekdays, 1 hour contact, Monday to Friday for 3 Months
Best English Institute In Dehradun
Team Neo Sir Institute of languages (American Institute, Dehradun) has been working more than 12 year.  A team renowned as "Team Neo Sir" should be given credit for making american institute, dehradun and Also making bright  career  of students.  Email: Call: 0135-3202601
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