VEDANTA IAS/PCS - No 1 coaching institute in Dehra Dun

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VEDANTA is No. 1 coaching institute for IAS/PCS coaching in Dehradun. Neha Nautiyal IAS Rank 185 is the student of VEDANTA.

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DehraDun Event: Babaji's Birthday Celebration at Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram
Venue: Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust (Ashram)180-C Rajpur Rd,Rajpur P. O.,Dehra Dun- 248009,Uttarkhand, India.Contact:Amba Shivaranjani on 0135-2734214         Email: ashram@srby.orgEvent Details: Sunder Kand Paath followed by prasadamDate: 13th Sep, 2014Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Daily Satsang, Bhajan, Keertan, Bhandara (13th Sep to 21st Sep) Birthday Celebration - 20th Sep, 2014 Hawan, Satsang, Bhajan, Keertan, Bhandara Spiritual Head, Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj - direct disciple of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.About Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj - His Holiness Shri Shivarudra Balayogi, also affectionately known as Baba Maharaj, is a Self-Realized Yogi - one who has completed the path of Yoga and attained union with the Divine Consciousness.babaji A direct disciple of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, He entered His Guru's service at the age of 19 and was later initiated into Sanyas, a monastic life of pure devotion and service to God and Guru.  He was placed in charge of the Dehra Dun Ashram of the Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Charitable Trust, where He attended to the Ashram visitors and His Guru's mission. Thus He spent 20 years absorbed in intense spiritual practice, combining selfless service, devotion to His Guru and deep meditation.Following the Mahasamadhi (the passing from this world's physical form) of His beloved Guru in 1994, Shri Shivarudra Balayogi was initiated through a divine vision into the spiritual practice of Tapas, in which He meditated for an average of 20 hours a day continually for the next 5 years. The culmination of this was the attainment of the goal of all spirituality -Self Realization, the permanent union of the mind with the Supreme Peace of Infinite Pure Consciousness.He now travels the world carrying on His Guru's mission of teaching dhyana meditation, true devotion and selfless service. Baba Maharaj is the embodiment of gentleness and compassion. His life itself is His teaching: devotion to God and Guru, selfless service to humanity and unrelenting effort in striving for spiritual perfection.Shri Babaji offers initiation into the technique of dhyana meditation which He used to achieve Self Realization, freely and without obligation. He engages audiences worldwide with His profound spiritual insight, drawn from deep personal experience rather than scriptural study.  His teachings are the purest form of the sublime philosophy of Self Realization taught by the ancient Sages of India.
Plot at Hathibarkala, please call 9675762455
42x105 ,can be divided into five small plots .twoside lane. very close to Survey gate on cant road/CM house. Semi commercial use possible.very attractive price to value proposition.clean title. All known schools,institutions nearby.close to rajpur road. Please call 9675762455
Looking for chess coaching
Looking for chess coaching. Please call 9760012604
Regarding MBA
Regarding MBA
CSIR-UGC-NET/JRF, GATE and IIT-JAM Coaching in CHEMISTRY at DEHRADUN Please call 8171000425
about admission and fee structure
I want to take admission in maths 1year
Sales Resume of Jaswany, Submit your resume now!
Sales Resume of Jaswany, Submit your resume now!
J.B Psychological and Counselling clinic (spec. child )
Child Counselling like any other counselling helps kids in one way then many. Many a time perents feel their children need some help for a person who can help him or guild him like a friends show them  the right path or solution to their personal problems and worries that may be as well as be psychological or personal . Child counselling enables children become more confident and extrovert. It develops problem solving skills in them and helps them take decision which may be pertaining to their future . We are provide to all way and all details of all type of career approach they want to choose in their life . as per our Psychological test we have to provide details to you child he can bale to do or not. We are provide theses all service :- 1 Anger management 2. Anxiety Management/emotional awareness 3.Communication Skill/problem solving 4. career Counselling 5. Time Management /peer group influence 6. Stress Management 5. Fitness/diet 6. Concentration/memory  development 7. Controlling TV/Gaming/ Chatting /addiction/mobile 8. Special management for slow Lerner Children 9. Wardrobe management /interview technics 10. change management 11. help to choose your career gaols 12. help to you how to achieve your gaols and  give you simple path to achieve 13. Form teens age how you start efforts for your life goals 14. how and how many time you to do study to become IAS, IPS, IIT , IIM 15. development skill  in your child as per industries requirement 16. Problems in children and old age including Dementia     Psychological Program for Childerns Opp Defiant  Behavious Depression Motivational problem ADHD Conduct problems Leaning problems Relationship problem     Psychological and Counselling for other than student  Program Stress management Quality of life / Depression Attitudinal Development Change management / control over anger Behaviour change management Marital relationship Psychometric Analysis Marriage counselling Pre marry counselling Love marry counselling Anger management Cognitive Therapy Behavioral Therapy Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Dialectical Behavior Therapy Psychodynamic Therapy Interpersonal Therapy   We have provide appointment on only study Call for appointment  09758390576  Puneet Gupta M.P.C ( Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling )
Looking a Garhwali rajput girl
Looking a Garhwali rajput butiful, educate and simpal girl age 18 to 23 bsc,bcom or diploma
Govt. Job Alert By SMS In Affordable Cost
Talent Gram Yojana मार्फत भारतात ज्या नोकरीच्या संधी,उपक्रम उपलब्ध होतील ते ग्रामिण विभागातील जे युवक Talent Gram Yojana सोबत जोडले जातील त्यांना या संधीची माहिती उपलब्ध होईल. – 7767933224 / 5 / 6 / 7.
Sales and Brand Manager Resume of Praveen Sharma, Submit your resume now!
Sales and Brand Manager Resume of Praveen Sharma, Submit your resume now!
Gorilla Air Travel Xpress
                             Gorilla Air Travel Xpress Hii Everyone , My name is Sumit Thakur.  I m from Gorilla Air Travel Xpress. If u want to save money on Air rates. So just contact me . first you can check your agent rates then check my rates. you will say it your rates r too cheap . so dont wait grab this opportunity. Sumit Thakur 8979359373
PHP Developer resume of Sachin, Submit your resume now!
PHP Developer resume of Sachin, Submit your resume now!
Eager to learn Accounting
commerce background, service. Please call 09810555206
Electrical Engineer Resume of Lokesh Kuletha, Submit your resume now!
Electrical Engineer Resume of Lokesh Kuletha, Submit your resume now!
Marketing Resume of Sidharth Raju, Submit your resume now!
Marketing Resume of Sidharth Raju, Submit your resume now!
Girls Hostel in Dehra Dun excellent location, safe, homely env
Distance education & Regular Professional courses
Shri Hans Educational & Welfare Society Registered Under Government Of Uttrakhand. Shri Hans Educational & Welfare Society  Distance Learning Universe is the renowned name in Distance Education sector & in regular . Shri Hans Institute management and Technology Distance Learning Universe is completely dedicated to provide education to the students. It thrives to provide quality education with innovative teaching methodology blended in a synchronous manner to offer the best distance learning experience. In today\\\'s competitive world, education plays an imperative role in shaping your future. Call us for admission us !  mobile number 8057385209
best computer education franchisee for computer training institute
Indian computer and technical education board is an autonomous examination certification body. The ideology of Indian computer and technical education board is giving knowledge to student and sufficient fee structure for poor student. Other details plz Visit Contact : +91 – 7767933224 / 5 / 6 / 7.
seeking garhwali/kumauni groom for MA, B.Ed, fair 5-2
Looking for a groom for slim, fair5-2" garhwali girl....wdone MA& B.Ed. Please call 8130219191
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