pg accomodation for UPES girls.

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Price: Rs.2300Furnished: Fully FurnishedCity: DehraDun

Following seats r available in a  PG situated in st no 11 rajendra nagar.1 seat available in 4 seater for Rs 2300,2 seats in 3 seater for Rs 2500 each .One. 2 seater independent room also available for  Rs 6000 with attached kitchen and bathroom .We also provide fridge ,aqua guard,beds with mattress,cupboard.The above cost also includes electricity and water cost and services of maid servant and 7669934658,9997109847

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We are looking for Freshers /Experienced professionals who can help us with global research work. It is not a calling profile. We are the best pay masters in town. Salary starts with Rs.15k. Six month assessments. You need to be smart (have an aggregate of 65% in your 10th and 12th) and be prepared to do research and work with global companies. If you like Dehradun and your parents want you to stay close to them. For more information please call at 0135-6518707 or send your updated resumes at
php training in dehradun
PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. As of January 2013, PHP was installed on more than 240 million websites (39% of those sampled) and 2.1 million web servers.Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994,the reference implementation of PHP (powered by the Zend Engine) is now produced by The PHP Group. While PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, it now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a recursive backronym.Insergo technologies offers this summer training in Android. for more info contact: +91-8266000040, 0135-6444011www.engineerscare.comVenue: 41-Alkapuri Near IMA Blood BankBallupur Road DehradunUttrakhand
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Robotics In Dehradun We at INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED ROBOTICS, DEHRADUN  provides professional course and training in Embedded system , Robotics , Humanoid robots . our training will 100% practical and industrial oriented training with real time projects. visit : INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED ROBOTICS - IAR CALL US  - 8755222935, 7579244732
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A progressive car rental company in “Uttarakhand”-India managed by professionals with over 09 years of experiences. For more info please visit
Movers in Dehradun, Packers and Movers Company Dehradun
We appreciate and accept that moving your precious valuables is a lot more than just pick and dump, we completely understand the packing and moving need of customers, then plan and implement exact management technique and technology to meet all packers and movers supplies with ever greater economical services. We at Best TCI Packers and Movers offer customers with Unicorn service.  We feel arrogant that the customers if they have worked with us come to us once more and again for the services we render.  Our excellence services have earned us new clients and orientation clients on regular basis. Best TCI Packers and Movers subtract the whole burden of the moving process related to packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation service. We are one of the majority well-organized packers and movers which provide complete packing and transport service. Our knowledge staff gives you unbelievable services at the time of the move so you will decrease your nervousness and stress during relocation. We offer services according to customer’s supplies. Customer’s happiness is the best recompense for us and we will always take care of them. We are busy in offering our quality and helpful moving services at reasonable price for long times. We are reliable and knowledgeable and have immense reputation among our clients and customers. Best TCI Packers and Movers are arrogant to provide you with excellence Packing and Moving Services. We have a team of packing expert that make it easy for you to shift goods and other loot from one place to the other. We appreciate that packing and moving is a boring job and requires a lot of energy and time. We are here to save your labors and time and thus offer you with hassle free Packing and Moving Services Dehradun.
android training in dehradun
Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google. With a user interface based on direct manipulation, Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, with specialized user interfaces for televisions (Android TV), cars (Android Auto), and wrist watches (Android Wear). The OS uses touch inputs that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, tapping, pinching, and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects, and a virtual keyboard. Despite being primarily designed for touchscreen input, it also has been used in game consoles, digital cameras, regular PCs other electronics.Insergo technologies offers this summer training in Android. for more info contact: +91-8266000040, 0135-6444011www.engineerscare.comVenue: 41-Alkapuri Near IMA Blood BankBallupur Road DehradunUttrakhand
Hurry Now!! New Batches starts for Web Designing
Hurry Now!! New Batches starts for Web DesigningThis course introduces Students to basic Web Design using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and use of Scripting Languages JavaScript to create animation ,validation etc. Topics CoveredModule 1 – FundamentalsInternet Basic ProtocolsWWW Web browsers URLModule 2 – Web DesigningHTML(HTML Introductions,HTML structure,Body Tag,List Tags,Heading Levels,Inline and Block Level Tags,Tables,Forms,Frames and many more)CSS(CSS Introduction,CSS types,Box model,DIV,Padding and many more Topics)Javascript ( Javascript Introduction,Loops,Decision making statements,Animation,Validating Forms,Calculation,Calender and many more Topics)Website Uploading & Formating Adobe Photoshop and many more Discount available for Female Students & Group Discounts also available.For Details regarding Course and Discounts Kindly Visit our instituteCyber Radix Academy For Future TechnologyC-1,First Floor,Daya Palace,Nehru Colony(Opposite Chanchal Sweet Shop)Contact:-0135-6066999,8979947233  
Summer Training Programs in Dehradun
CPDLR Programs in Engineering Design  -CAD , CATIA & AutoCad, Engineering analysis -Ansys FEA , Static , Dynamic, Workbench, Heat Transfer and Ansys CFD (Fluent and CFX Programs). Taught by Design Industry  Professionals.  Projects – Mechanical  Design, modeling, Heat Exchanger, Pipe Stress Analysis, Flow Analysis, Turbine, Motor Analysis, Product Design.
Dr. Ashish Gilhotra  Ph: +91 9997018225, 0135-2629944   If you are fed up from your health problems and medicines; the right solution for your health isLife Line Nature (Neurotherpy) Center What is Neurotherapy?Neurotherapy is the natural healing therapy that deals with skeleton, Joint, muscles blood, lymphatic channels and nerves. The underlying principle behind neurotherapy is that organ(s) can be activated or deactivated, through pressure of massage on selected areas or nerve channels. This results in an alteration in the circulation of blood, lymph & other body fluids and or nerve currents. The therapy focuses at eliminating the root cause of a disorder.Uniqueness of this therapy is miraculous result without Medicines.  न्युरोथैरेपी क्या है ?      न्युरोथैरेपी लगभग 1200 वर्षो पुराना विज्ञान है। इसको डा0 लाजपत राय मेहरा ने शरीर क्रिया विज्ञान से जोड़कर नया रूप दिया है जो एक वैकेल्पिक चिकित्सा पद्वति बन गई है। न्यूरोथैरेपी प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा की थेरेपी है जो हड्डियों, जोड़ो, मांसपेशियों, रक्त एवं लसिका तंत्र एवं नाड़ी तंत्र पर काम करती है यह शरीर के विभिन्न निष्क्रिय अंगो की सक्रियता बढाने में सहायक है।     हम लोगो ने न्यूरोपैथी, मर्मविज्ञान, एक्युप्रैशर एवं प्रैशर थैरेपी को जोड़कर एक ऐसी थैरेपी तैयार की जिसमें रोगी के शरीर के विभिन्न हिस्सों में निश्चित सेकेण्ड तक पै्रशर देने पर डिजनरेटेड सैल (मृत कोशिकाएं) शरीर से बाहर हो जाती है, और रोग प्रभावित हिस्सें में रक्त का संचरण बढ जाता हैं जिससे पुनरनिर्माण (रिकवरी) की प्रक्रिया में सुघार होता हैं।इस थैरेपी के माघ्यम से हमने पिछले 10 वर्षों मे अनेक लोगों को असाघ्य रोगों से छुटकारा दिया हैं और वे नवजीवन जी रहे है। कई ऐसे लोग जो वर्षों से बैड पर थे, इस न्युरोथैरेपी से इलाज पाकर आज स्वस्थ होकर अपना दैनिक कार्य स्वयं कर रहे है।न्युरोथैरेपी बिना दवा एवं बिना आॅपरेशन के रोग निवारण की प्रभावशाली विधि है जिसका कोई साइड इफैक्ट नही है। लाइफ लाइन न्यूरोथैरेपी सेन्टर6 - रेसकोर्स, देहरादून, ।I-20, नेहरू काॅलोनी, नियर वाटर टैंक, देहरादून Dr. Ashish Gilhotra  Ph: +91 9997018225, 0135-2629944   website: Watch YouTube:  Pressure yoga by ashish Gilhotra TIMINGS : Morning : 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. | Evening : 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.NEUROTHERAPY TRAINING ALSO AVAILABLE Basic Course- 7 Days Learns Cure Your Self Without Medicines.
Required Site Supervisor
Opening for Office Co-ordinator and Career Counselor
Description:-We need a female candidate for the position of OfficeCoordinator cum Career Counselor.It will be a full timejob.She/Hshould posses Good Communication and ConvincingSkills.Sound knowledge of English Language.She should bewell versed with Basic Knowledge of ComputerApplications.Overall she should have an experience of minimum 1 year inSimilar Work Department and Position.Qualification:-Graduates/B.Tech/B.E/MCA/BCA/A Level will begiven preferenceSalary for the Entitled Job Profile: Rs. 15000 to 20,000 per monthIncentives:8% of the Course Fee/Course Package (Basic Computer Fundamental Course not to be included)10% for the Batch Making/Batch Formation15% for Enrolling Students in Diploma CoursesJob Timing: 10am (Punch In) – 6:30pm (Punch Out)Job Profile:-•Handling all the sales inquiries and walks in at the Center•Collecting Data of students.•To explain about company’s plan to students.•To organize meetings.•To make tie-up with school & Colleges(Optional and Incentives based)•To handle all Marketing Responsibilities of Center.•To handle grievance of the students and to take proper follow-up of Walk-In.•To take report of daily Sales from Sales/Marketing Executive•Calling on Marketing Executives Data/Student’s DataCandidate should be bold and possess Charming PersonalityContact:-0135-6066999,0135-2675678Email your resume with your photograph
Jeewan - Admission in cloud computing course
Looking for an admission in cloud computing course. What is the fees structure and duration?
Moving Company Dehradun - Packers and Movers Dehradun
The packing and unpacking services obtainable by Best TCI Packers and Movers in Dehradun reduce the stress level during the transfer. Our forte lays in implementation the services rapidly without any damage. We are extensively appreciated for packing and unpacking the goods. Our team member also helps in arranging the goods. We offer special attention and care to pack all loot and belongings at your building and then convey them to another home with greatest care to ensure no loss of time and value. We have handled many relocation situations productively. We provide packing and moving services on transfer or shifting at very cost effectual price. We offer modified and full moving services. Our full moving services comprise packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking, rearranging, etc. Best TCI Packers & Movers ensure outstanding moving and packing services. Before beginning the assignment our team head discusses with you the entire process and then briefs the same to his team member to ensure best likely services and complete safety of your goods. Our expert staffs do their tasks in proper ways without making any error. During entire process of packing and moving of your precious items they take utmost care of your precious goods. We offer the best and seamless service of packing and moving at a sensible cost. Our object is to give the complete service solution approval to the customer and offer our best relocation services. The expert, devoted and knowledgeable team of our company offers the simple, smooth, easy and cost effectual moving services. We at Packers Movers Dehradun provide door to door total packing and moving solution to make simpler various relocation and moving needs. Call 9675668855
Karaoke Contest
Hurry Up Guys............ Contest is On 10 May Call: 9936434472
Hurry now to Enroll in our Diploma in Computer Fundamentals & Tally ERP9
Hurry now to Enroll in our  Diploma in Computer Fundamentals & Tally ERP9 Get  Diploma in Computer Fundamentals & Tally ERP9 (Duration:-6 months) 1.       Computer Fundamentals & IT Applications Introduction to Computer Evolution of Computer Generation of Computer Computer Appreciation MS Word MS Excel MS PowerPoint Introduction to Internet 2.       Tally ERP9 Basics of Accounting Fundamentals of Tally.ERP 9 Accounting Masters in Tally.ERP 9 Inventory in Tally.ERP 9 Voucher Entry in Tally.ERP 9 Advanced Accounting in Tally.ERP 9 Advanced Inventory in Tally.ERP 9   3.       Spoken English/Communication Improvement 4.       Personality Development/Skill Development 5.       Mock Interviews/Group Discussion   Enroll  now to get Discount upto 10%. For Details regarding Course  Kindly Visit our institute Cyber Radix Academy For Future Technology C-1,First Floor,Daya Palace,Nehru Colony(Opposite Chanchal Sweet Shop) Contact:-0135-6066999, 7417001010    
Professional Coaching Classes For NDA CDS in Kashipur, Uttarakhand Chandigarh
Delhi Career Group (India’s No.-1 Coaching Institute) Now In Chandigarh: Join Best Coaching – Highest Success Rate In India. Chandigarh Branch: S.C.O: 54-55 (3rd Floor) Above O.B.C – Bank, Sector – 34 A Chandigarh. Contact: 08427287963, 08427414076, 08427339559, 09569782865. Call for Registration: 08427414076, 08427339559. 7087785281, 7087785264 Hostel Facility Available for Students From Out Of Station. Special Separate Hostel Facility for Both Girls & Boys. To visit website -- Also Visit: Delhi Career Group Coaching institute in Chandigarh and This institute North No.1 Govt. Exam Coaching in Institute in Chandigarh we are Provided a NDA Coaching,SSC Coaching,UGC NET Coaching ,BanK PO Coaching, Hotel Management Coaching For Etc Exam Coaching in Chandigarh Delhi Career Group Coahing institute Provided a Pu LAW Entracne Exam Coaching in Chandigarh And LAW India LAW Entrance Exam Coaching In Chandigarh  Delhi Career Group also provided a AFCAT SSB CDS Coaching in Chandigarh and SBI Po Coaching in this Institute Best Accounting CA CPT Coaching in Chandigarh All India –Career Group 
Required Marketing Executives (For Educational Promotions)
Required Marketing Executives (For Educational Promotions) Total Positions – 10 (Male & Female both can apply) Salary : 6000 + (per month) Incentives: Up to 50,000 per month (based on Sale and Personal Targets) Experienced/Fresher both can apply. Any Graduate (12th Passed may also apply) Interview Date & Timings: 9/04/2015 to 15/04/2015 (10am to 4pm) For Walk-in Interview Contact: 0135-6066999, 08979947233 Address: Cyber Radix Academy For Future Technology, C-1, Daya Palace, Nehru Colony, Haridwar Road, Dehradun (Landmark: Opposite Chanchal Dairy and Sweets)
Get Diploma in Software Engineering (Duration:-6 months)
Get Diploma in Software Engineering (Duration:-6 months) Modules Covered:-1.Web Designing•Module 1:HTML•Module 2:CSS•Module 3:Javascript2.Programming through ‘C’ Language3.Java Core4.Android Development5.CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking)•Module 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking•Module 2: Foot printing and Reconnaissance•Module 3: Scanning Networks•Module 4: Enumeration•Module 5: System Hacking•Module 6: Trojans and Backdoors•Module 7: Viruses and Worms•Module 8: Sniffers•Module 9: Social Engineering•Module 10: Denial of Service•Module 11: Session Hijacking•Module 12: Hacking Web servers•Module 13: Hacking Web Applications•Module 14: SQL Injection•Module 15: Hacking Wireless Networks•Module 16: Hacking Mobile Platforms•Module 17: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots•Module 18: Buffer Overflow•Module 19: Cryptography•Module 20: Penetration Testing For Details regarding Course Kindly Visit our instituteCyber Radix Academy For Future TechnologyC-1,First Floor,Daya Palace,Nehru Colony(Opposite Chanchal Sweet Shop)Contact:-0135-6066999,87417001010,07417001010  
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