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Banderpunch Glacier Himalayan Trek


Bandarpunch is a significant glacier of Yamuna watercourse basin. The glacier is 12km. long located on the northern slope of Bandarpunch top (6316m) Bandarpunch west (6102m), in addition to Khatling peak (6387m). The glacier is shaped by three valley glacier in addition to later join the Yamuna river. The glacier lie on a mild slope and is confined by lateral moraines, which designate the last outward level of the glacier.

The glacier could be approached from Dehradun toward Sankri-Saur through bus and from Sankri-Saur toward Taluka, 11kms. Through jeep, or else light car, then Osla, 14kms. From Osla Ruinsiara Tal, situated just under the glacier snout, is the greatest camping site. From Ruinsiara 1 could visit the glacier in addition to surrounding area.

Banderpunch Glacier

Banderpunch glacier, similarly spelled as Bandarpoonch or else Bandarpunch, lies in Uttarkashi region of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state. 6316 meter beyond the sea level, Banderpunch glacier feed river Yamuna over Tons river and river Ganga over river Bhagirathi. River Yamuna creates from Yamunotri glacier, which is nearly attach to Bandarpunch glacier in addition to river Ganga creates from Gangotri glacier. Banderpunch glacier is 12Km extended and sits extensively on the slope of Banderpunch I, Banderpunch II plus Khatling peak. Yamunotri glacier, Sworgarohini top and Kalanag top is about Bahnderpunch peak in addition glacier.

In Hindi, Bandar mean monkey and punch means tail creating the name of Banderpunch glacier the tail of monkey glacier. The mythical story linked to Hanuman, the embodiment of lord Shiva in the shape of Monkey to provision lord Vishnu to battle with Ravana while he was born as lord Rama, the child of King Dashrath of Ayodhya state-run in Treta Yuga, throughout Ramayana time. There is a linked story of second Pandava Bheema, to Hanuman in the Hindu divine epic Mahabharata shaped throughout Dwapar Yuga. Lord Shiva originated on earth in system of Hanuman to test the forte of Bheema in addition to sat relaxed spreading his tail from Hanuman Chatti toward Banderpunch. Bheema honored of his forte tried to eliminate the long spread tail out of his means but was not capable to do so. Thus, he understood the monkey was not a usual monkey in addition he surrendered to lord Shiva.

Hike to Bandarpunch from Taluka, you would be enchanted with the enthralling beauty of lush green woodland and the magnificent view of high elevation Himalayan peaks. The trekking fanatics will discover Bandarpunch glacier massive and relaxing satisfying the escapade sports lovers with wish to play with snowflake.

Greatest Time To Visit

The finest time to visit Banderpunch Glacier is from the month March to October absconding the monsoon months to evade rain, landslide plus roadblocks.  You will requisite to be well equipped with heavy wool clothes and essential items to walk over snow.

Hiking at Bandarpunch Peak

Hiking at Bandarpunch Peak

It offers outstanding trekking prospects to the venture lovers. Each year, the peak appeals a good amount of people from diverse parts of the state. Maj Gen Williams directed the first effective voyage launched in 1950 to Bandarpunch. The peak has been clambered by renowned Mountaineer Tenzing Norgay.

The peak is simply accessible with an attractive three-day trek. The Southwest ridge deals a route of reasonable difficulty with slight technical climbing. There is obviously important exposure. It has been attempted twice from the southwest. The most common way for climbing is from the north east and is climbed numerous times a year.

The mountain is typically hiked in the month of May or June while most of the snowstorms have passed. Throughout this time, spring flowers are found to bloom in abundance and animals are furthermore visible.



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