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Five Must Visit Ashrams in Haridwar



Even if you are an atheist, you are still bound to find a natural inkling to visit Ashrams in Haridwar. People say the aesthetic nature which flows in the air of this city is mostly reflected by the Ashrams here. The sanctuary of the place, accompanied by the pious dip in River Ganga is a matter of inner peace and joy for many. Let me tell you, you will surely enjoy the beauty of being there, spirituality or not, a feeling of intense happiness would be there for sure.


There are five most famous Ashrams, offering accommodation, minimal services plus an opportunity to explore and enhance yourself. Your soul would be nourished if you come in the peaceful environs of these Ashrams. From learning Yoga, meditation and teachings from various spiritual leaders about different facets of life, you can just enjoy being there, away from busy life of office and house. Embark the journey of purity and peace and feel the depth of faith at its best.


First one is the Jairam Ashram, it is located on Rishikesh road, its immense structure, beautiful interiors and serene surrounding empowers soul. Along with the stay club a quick dip into the ever chilled water of river Ganga (you should not miss it!). The most astonishing part is the white statue depicting epic story of Samundra Manthan. It is worth a visit. Its close proximity to Har Ki Pauri, makes it the preferred choice among travellers.


Maa Anandamayi Ashram is second on the list. It is located at Kankhal. Infamous for being the Samadhi Shrine of Maa Anandamoyi, this Ashram welcomes hundreds of devotees every year. The Satsangs and Arti conducted by the followers and other occupants of the Ashram enthral the soul. You must visit; you will find something fresh and naturally beautiful being placed on your table.


Next in the line is the Prem Nagar Ashram, it was established in late 1944. Created and nurtured by the hands of Yogiraj Satyagurudev, this Ashram is beautiful in all sense. It enhances your spirit in the best possible way.


Another one in the list is the Santoshpuri Ashram which is located close to the Ganga Ghat. You can also learn Yoga here. They have some of the best teachers of meditation as well. It is an epicentre of health in Haridwar.


Saptrishi Ashram is my last pick and as always my favourite one. The interesting story behind this Ashram and the related tales which ensues are the most exciting part. I am not going to be a spoil sport, so to know the story visit yourself and know the details of 7 saints and 7 conduits. This Ashram welcomes gamut of devotees with faith bearers floating in for the best ever experience.


These are just few numbers which are listed here; there are many Ashrams in Haridwar which are suitable for this ‘must visit list’. If you come across any, do write to us, we would incorporate it in our blogs.


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