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Top five Places to visit in Dehradun


DehraDun, the state capital of Uttarakhand has always been on the radar for the travel lovers who love nature. The city is a combination of modern cosmopolitan city, with a city less exploited. The city becomes the starting point for the travellers willing to go for the famous char dham yatra or some unexplored treks in Uttarakhand.


Although the places to visit are many, but below are the top five picks:

FRI (Forest Research Institute) –

FRI is a premier institution which was established in 1906. It is spread across 450 hectares lush green estate. The FRI campus has a wonderful museum for visitors, which exhibits on the medicinal uses of trees, and a cross-section of a 700-year-old deodar tree. FRI campus is located around 6 km from the clock tower. There are a host of local transport available for the tourists. Important note for the visitors is that the campus follows strict entry/ exit timings. With most of the campus covered with forest, it may result in tourists having some wild encounters with wild life.

The official website of FRI is:


Budha Temple

The Budhist temple is known for architecture, interiors and peaceful surroundings. The temple was constructed in 1965, with aim to promote the Tibetan culture in India. The temple has five floors and has the statues of Budha with a huge garden for tourists. The temple follows strict entry/exit timings. The temple is located around 10 km from clock tower in DehraDun, with host of local transport options for tourists.



Tapkeshwar Temple

This temple is also named as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple. The temple is located in a natural cave. Water drips in the cave and hence the temple is named as Tapkeshwar. The temple is located at just 6 km from clock tower, with local transport option available for the tourists. On the occasion of Shivratri, a hindu festival for lord shiva, the festival witness huge crowd and the temple is decorated for the tourists. There is a small natural river that flows besides the temple, adds as another must see for the tourists.



Robbers Cave

Robber’s Cave is a natural beauty and a must visit for the tourists in or around DehraDun. The spot has a river running through a cave-like natural formation. It is also known as Guchupaani and is located 8 kilometers from clock tower. The prominent picnic spot is famous for a strange natural occurrence; a stream of water suddenly appears and then disappears underground, only to appear again a few yards away. Tourists can take a bath in the river and enjoy at the spot. There are many local transport options available in the city to reach this picnic spot.




Sahastradhara DehraDun

Sahasratra  Dhara,  means, the  'thousand  fold  spring'  is about 14 kms. from clock tower, Dehra Dun.  This is a popular picnic spot for the tourists in summers as tourists can enjoy bathing in the flowing river. There is a sulphur spring under which tourists can take bath and it is said to cure skin infections and possess other medicinal properties.

There is also an age old temple and Drona cave-named after the Guru Dronacharya of Mahabharata period, which acts as image of prayer and worship far across India.

To add on the fun with kids & family & friends one can find the exotic swings and water slides in the Joyland in Sahastradhara.



Although this article is restricted to five tourist places, there are many more must visit places near DehraDun like – MDDA Park, Malsi Deer Park, Bhatta Falls, Shiv Ratna Kendra Temple.

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