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Trekking The Himalayas? 10 Best Treks In Indian Himalayas!


Trekking is one of the most popular activities for the adventure junkies. During the winter time, the fascinating mountains of Himalayan range that are covered with the thick blanket of snow, charm the trekkers all across the globe. Trekking in India gives the mixture of adventure pleasure, self realization and an experience of a lifetime.  

The mighty Himalaya is the home of enthralling peaks such as Mt Everest, Khanchendzonga, Pin Parvati and many more that entices the expert as well as amateur trekkers. If you are a trekker at heart then here is a list of 10 classic and best treks of the Indian Himalayas. Go on and explore these treks and rewarded with an immaculate beauty of the region.

10 Best Treks In Himalayas That Provide Amazing Trekking Experience


1.    Valley Of Flowers Trek – Stairway To Heaven

Valley of flowers trek is the verdant jewel that attracts the nature enthusiasts from all over the world.  The stunning landscape is 11 kilometre valley that is full of high altitude Himalayan flowers that blossom and come alive in the monsoon. This valley has around 300 different varieties of alpine flowers that looks like a bright carpet of colour against a mountainous snow and appear differently on every fortnight.

Max Altitude: 3900 m

One Way Trek:- 48 Kms.

Trekking days:-
04 Days

Trek grade:-  Moderate

Best Time:-  July to Mid September


2.    Roopkund Trek – Mystery Lake

The Roopkund Trek holds a many breathtaking meadows and gives the amazing views of the mighty Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghunti. This scenery holds the Roopkund Lake where multiple of human skeletons are found lying there in and around the lake. There are many stories about the human skeletons but none of them are satisfying. That is why; this lake is popularly known as “Mystery Lake”. If you like to know the reasons then go out and find it yourself.   

Max Altitude: 5030 m

One Way Trek:- 27 Kms

Trekking days:- 06 Days

Trek grade:- Strenuous

Best Time:-
May to October


3.    Dodital Trek - A Bird Watchers Paradise

  Dodital trek is a wonderful trek that has a high altitude lake at a height of 3307mts/10847 ft. This trek is a pictorial bird watchers paradise with number of different birds. Situated amidst of pine forests Dodital give a serene effect on the mind and body. The famous name of Dodital Lake is Dhundital that means Ganesh - ka – tal. Hence, there is famous Lord Ganesha temple for the devotees.  
Max altitude:- 4150 m

One Way Trek:-
26 Kms

Trekking days:-

Trek grade:- 

Best time:- 
Round the Year


4.    Tapovan Trek - Rejuvenate The Tired Nerves

Tapovan trek is an ideal location for the trekkers who wish to rejuvenate their tired nerves. Located on an altitude of 4463m / 14640ft above sea level, it gives tourist a great combination of peaces and adventure. Tourist witness the village, spectacular Glaciers, High peaks and scenic meadows in this trek. Every year, this place is visited with thousands of tourist including innumerable foreigners who wish to enjoy adventure activity like mountaineering & trekking Tapovan.

Max altitude:-  4460 m

One Way Trek:- 24 Kms

Trekking days:- 05 Days

Trek grade:- Moderate

Best time:- May to October


5.    Kedarnath Pawalikantha – Exhibit Magnificent Natural Resources

Apart from thrilling landscape, Kedarnath Pawalikantha also exhibit magnificent natural resources.  At a high altitude of 3658 meters, this meadow lies in the northern part of Garhwal Himalayas. This allows one to encounter the high altitude animals such as Bharal, Ghoral, Himalayan Bear, and the rate musk deer.

Max Altitude:- 3650 m

One Way Trek:- 69 Kms

Trekking days:- 08 Days

Trek grade:- Moderate

Best Time:- May to October


6.    Milam Glacier Trek – Majestic And Breathtaking Panorama

Milam Glacier is another engrossing trek in the region of Kumaun that is about 28 km long. Originating from the slope of Kohli and Trishuli peaks and situated on the south facing slope of main Himalayan range. The trek is one of the best treks in this region that take visitors to remote areas that have a breathtaking and majestic panorama.

Max altitude:- 3600 m

One Way Trek:- 59 Kms.

Trekking days:-
08 Days

Trek grade:-

Best time:- 
May, June, September, and October.


 7.    Namik Glacier Trek – Trekking To The Glacier
The Namik Glacier provides one of the high attitude treks in the Kumaun Himalayas. Situated in the heart of the Himalayan wilderness, it is surrounded by the three high peaks named as Nanda Devi (7,848 m), Nanda Kot (6,861 m), and Trishul (7,120 m).  There are a number of waterfalls originating around this glacier that gives the magnificent view.

Max altitude:- 3600 m

One Way Trek: - 59 Kms.

Trekking Days: - 09 Days

Trek Grade: - Moderate

Best Time: - May, June, September, and October.


8.    Sunder Dunga Trek - Valley Of Beautiful Stones

The Sunder Dunga Trek is covered with the wild flowers, waterfalls and splendid view of number of mountains. It gives the splendid view of the mount Maiktoli, Mrigthuni, Nandakot, Panwali Dwar, Bhanoti and Bailjuri as if you can touch them easily.

It is said that a man found a beautiful stone in a river of this trek, presumably gold. Thus, the place is called Sunderdhunga, which literally means a valley of beautiful stones.

Max Altitude:- 3700 m

One Way Trek:- 41 Kms

Trekking Days:- 8

Trek Grade:-

Best Time:-
May June, September, October, November


9.    Panchachuli Glacier Trek - Fun, Excitement And Enthrallment

The Panchachuli glacier landscape gives tourist the breath taking view of the panchchuli peaks that are covered with the snow. The trekking route to the Panchachuli glacier is equally filled with the fun, excitement and enthrallment that give experience of the lifetime. Originating from the Dharma Valley, it passes from the Tibet and Nepal border and finally takes trekkers to the glacier that gives the view of stunning beauty of the Kumaon region.

Max Altitude:-  3800 m

Trekking Days:-

Trek Grade:- Moderate

One Way Trek:- 31 Kms

Best Time:- May to October


10.    Bhatkot Trek - Spiritual & Adventurous

The bhatkot peak (original named as Bharat-kot) is the highest peak in Dist. Almora (Kumaun). It is named after the Rama’s brother who is believed to mediate here gives this place a spiritual environment. It is also supposed to be the meditation spot for many famous saints Haidakhan baba, Mahavtar Baba and many others. This place is no less on the adventurous front also as it gives tourist a great place to enjoy.

Max Altitude:- 9086 ft

One Way Trek:-
30 Kms

Trekking Days:- 04

Trek Grade:- Hard

Best Time:- Round the Year


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