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Best Chinese Food Outlets In Dehradun


When you are travelling to Dehradun and your hunger pangs give you a toss, what food you will search? What type? If its Chinese then read on!


Dehradun has a large number of food outlets and as it’s a tourist place, they have a record number of foodies swarming in every year, especially in summers. Health wise too, Chinese food is less oily and keep a track of how much fried you eat. Food like chowmein, spring rolls, momos, soup, chow chow, manchurian, chilli potato, fried rice, do they make your taste buds dance? Then see where to get your stuff here in Doon valley.


Towntable is a Chinese food outlet on Rajpur Road, it has beautiful rooftop seating arrangement and cool ambiance. Orchard, another one around the same location brings back the memories of China right at your table. Café Marigold, Tirupati Restaurant, Out post Chinese Cuisine, 3 Pyramids, BMG and Lhasa are some of the food joints famous for their ultimate Chinese cuisine and other delectables. Many of them are multi cuisine unit which gives the non-Chinese eater of the family members or the particular friend in the gang to goggle up instead of looking at your face when you savour the taste of bets Chinese food in Dehradun.


Other than these,other food junctions like Prez Restaurant (Karanpur), First Gear Café (Malsi), Café BMG (Balliwala), Anandam (Hathibarkala), Flavours Restaurant ( Saharanpur Road), Down Town China (Haridwar Road) and Three Hearts (Balliwala) are some of the renowned names in their tibsy bitsy Chinese food.


The Vatika Restaurant (Hathibarkala), Aangan (Karanpur), 3 C’s Café, Opal Lounge, Kumar food and Muse (Chukkuwala), The Tavern (Chironwali) and My Wife’s Place (Hathibarkala) has been doing rounds on many food online sites, giving people a real nice time at stomach and at the purse.


As taste differs from people to people, you may find best of others to be the worst of yours, so don’t go with reviews always, it helps but don’t be judgmental specially when it is about food. Do not leave before you haven’t tried it, do try if you are really a food lover and especially Chinese delicacies. The cooks here have their own way of handling and making. Not everyone who looks like a good cook or a good place to eat will be authentic, try it, taste it and then judge if it was to your level of satiation or not?


Dehradun is a place where food is not costly and here you can easily fill your empty stomach with luscious food in no time. It is one such place where people are easy going and live life accepting a variety of culture and traditions without giving up their roots. Chinese culture is also imbibed here in food, due to the large number of travellers here. Those who own a Chinese food outlet well understand the taste of Indian travellers and the basics of Chinese food and offer you a delicious combination of both.



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