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DehraDun Chakrata Road Widening Project

During the end of 2011, the MDDA (Mussourie DehraDun Development Authority) carried out the Chakrata Road widening project in DehraDun. Part of the Chakrata Road from Clock tower to Prabhat cinema, was widened. The objective of the widening operation was to widen the road, in this area from 12 meters to 24 meters. The shops and businesses were demolished. In order to compensate for the loss of the businesses, MDDA promised to construct a MDDA complex, right besides the clock tower, where each of the impacted shop keeper be provided an alternate shop in the new MDDA complex.


The road widening was the requirement of the city because of the increasing traffic in the city, causing a lot of traffic jams in the small but beautiful city of DehraDun.


From the shop owners perspective, the action may have caused them shivers. But, it was a delite for the local people of DehraDun. This action eased up the traffic congestion in the area. Clock tower is the central point of the city and as the city is expanding, the traffic menace is forcing the MDDA authorities to take such steps.

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