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Dehradun To Mussoorie - Key Points That You Should Not To Miss

For the visitors who are travelling from DehraDun to Mussourie, there are the following key points not to be missed:

1.    Sai Temple, Rajpur Road – The temple is located right on the Rajpur Road, is the famous destination for Sai followers. There is also famous bhajan sandhya that happens at the temple.

2.    MDDA Park, Rajpur – MDDA park is located right at the Rajpur. The park is beautifully located with views of hills and greenery. There is a local canteen available, offering eateries to the visitors.

3.    Sardarji Pakode at Rajpur – You cannot imagine going through Rajpur, without trying pakode (fried Indian snack) at Sardarji. The shop is located right at Rajpur at walking distance from MDDA park.

4.    Shiv Ratna Kendra Temple – As the name suggests, this temple is right on the way from Dehradun to Mussourie. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and serves the visitors and devotees with free hot tea and snacks. There are variety of snacks shops outside the temple too. The visitors can take some breath taking pictures of hills and greenery, which mostly surrounds the temple. The temple also has the display and sale of gems, where important stones and gems can be bought.

5.    Malsi Deer Park – Malsi deer park is also located on the mussourie road. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of mini zoo and children’s play area. It is one of the most common place for the localites, offering rides as well as view of animals in enclosures like tiger, chimpanzee etc.

6.    Maggie Point – More often than not, the visitors travelling to Mussourie would like to have some snacks and hot tea on the way. Maggie point offers right that, right on the route and at economical prices too.

7.    Sharma Ji chai at Mussourie Toll – As the tourists cross the toll, located on the way to mussourie and passengers want to have some snacks, Sharma Ji Chai point, is a prominent point, right for that.

8.   Mussourie Lake – The lake is located just six kilometres before Mussourie and offers an option do boating.




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