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Jhande Ka Mela of DehraDun

DehraDun hosts multiple fairs from time to time. Jhande ka Mela is one such fair, which is very specific to DehraDun and commences from fifth day after Holi. The fair is celebrated for 15 days and is celebrated to honor the arrival of Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji in DehraDun. On the first day of the fair, a flag is hoisted at Darbar Sahib.


The fifteen day period is a period of celebration, when the tourists come from far off places to visit the fair. There are many shops set up for the tourists like toys shops, eating points to enjoy Indian eateries. There are many games shop set up for the kids as well as adults to enjoy.


Tourists usually enter the jhandaji complex, and offer prasadam before going for the entertainment in the fair. The 15 day fair is one of the most awaited event for the localites and is surely something which cant be missed.


At the end of fair, the life returns to the normal in the locality. However, the market around the hosting location is named jhanda bazaar (marketplace). 

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