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One of the oldest and best snacks corner in DehraDun

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Dunites love to enjoy the snacks in the evenings in DehraDun. There are many popular snacks shop in DehraDun. However, the one which we will learn about in this article is ‘Buffet’ on Rajpur Road, DehraDun.


Buffet restaurant is located just opposite to Gandhi Park, in DehraDun, on the main Rajpur Road. The restaurant offers varieties of snacks for the tourists including sandwiches, milk shakes, cold coffee in summers and hot coffee in winters, break pakoras, burgers etc. The best part is it offers the snacks at very affordable prices.


Location is the best part of this restaurant as it is located just 500 meters from clock tower and the best part is that tourists can buy the eateries and then jump into Gandhi Park, which is located just opposite the restaurant. The seating arrangement is very limited in the restaurant, which may make the place little stuffy.


Overall, it is a must recommended place for the localites as well as the visitors to DehraDun, who wish to enjoy yummy snacks at affordable prices.

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