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Parade Ground, the center of DehraDun

Parade Ground is the popular big ground at the centre of DehraDun. It is located hardly 500 meters from the clock tower. On one side of the ground is famous Gandhi Park, while on the other side of the park is Convent of Jesus and Mary school.


The ground hosts multiple events round the year, including:


Circus: Normally in summers, the circus is hosted at the Parade ground for the children to enjoy during their summer vacation.

Uttarakhand Trade Fair: The trade fair is held from time to time, where multiple traders display their products for the consumers to purchase.

Dushera Fair: On the occasion of Dushera, the effigy of Ravana is burnt and also there is small cracker show at the end.

Annually, on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day too, there are some celebrations done on this ground.


There are other seasonal events, also organized at this ground, to give change to the people of Dehradun, from their day to day chores.


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