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Popular South Indian Restaurants in Dehradun


South India is famous for the classic traditional recipes of Idli, dosa, uthapam, vada and poha. There are many other dishes on the banana leaf which satiates the hunger of eyes and stomach both. North India welcomes the dishes from the South in a unique way. They celebrate the delicacies in the most special way. Especially in tourist places, for the South Indian tourist and others who are fond of this region’s delectable, there exists ample number of outlets for this.


Dehradun attracts a large number of travellers to its scenic beauty not just that the vibrant youth today is more inclined towards this sort of multicultural cuisine, thus to cater to the needs of all, there are multiple outlets even here.


Some of the prominent names are South India Vibes Restaurant, Mirabilia Restaurant & Bar, Grand Chulha, Cosmopolitan Restaurant, Raga Lawns and The Terrace are located on Rajpur Road. They are popular for serving authentic South Indian food. They maintain high standards and keep the cuisines closest to the original recipes.


Other than these some brand names like Sagar Ratna, Udipi and Vango are also here. You can gobble up some of the most famous dishes here.


Some of the other ones are Banglore Idli (Karanpur), Tirupati Restaurant and South Indian Dishes (Chukkuwala), Kwik Bite Center (Paltan Bazar), they are quick in service and keeps you engaged all through.


Anandpur Restaurant( Hathibarkala), Chennai Express (Cross road mall), New Venus Restaurant (Paltan Bazaar), Kwality Point (Kishan Nagar), The Munaal’s (Majra), Anandpuri’s (khurbura), Love Bite (Chakrata Road), and Urban House (Haridwar road) all these names resounds in youth circuit for being popular in deviously delicious South Indian food.


Big Bite (Ring Road), Chillies n Chimneys (Darshini gate), Siddharth (near station) and Mulberry woods café (sahranpur road) are not many famous, but some of the near and dear ones have given positive reviews on it.


Food brings joy and especially ones which are flavoured with eccentric taste gives you a hunger to taste it. If you are an ardent foodie, you must try for some delicious South Indian dishes, especially the masala dosa with the famous sambhar. It is a hefty task to create the same aroma because the spices from the north and south differs a lot, but still the similarity gives you a beautiful savour of that place. It is one of the healthiest and safe foods. It is light on the stomach and helps you eradicate the digestion issues which comes from other eatables.


South is famous for the particular oil they use, even in some parts of Dehra, this oil is used or rather a suitable substitute to make it taste similar.


South Indian platter is a must if you tend to avoid fried stuff while travelling and it gives you a unique change from the masala tang of North. There are many outlets which sell south Indian in combination with other food too we call them multi cuisine restos,you can also try for them, even sometimes they offer fantastic dosas and idli which taste heavenly.


Welcome to the Northern version of the South….Vanakkam!



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