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Posh Localities in Dehradun for Residential Purpose


A city of dreams, Dehradun has a unique quality of being flexible to change. People here are modern yet cultural, moves quickly, yet keep calm, drives fast but adhere to the rules. It is a strange city with scenic beauty of Mothrowala and Dalanwala to rush of Niranjanpur and Kanwli road, with upbeat brands peeping through the Rajpur road to the hustle bustle in the roads of Ghanta Ghar.


From a needle to the sword, from a scenic place to malls, this city has it all. And when you think its not developing like the fast pace other cities, look through the dynamic change in employment, studies and apartments appearing in Dehradun.


If you are planning to move to this city or your transferable job is shuttling you to this place, do not fret for the locations. Here is the guide to move through. This city moves around in 300 square kms. The central point is the CP or ghanta Ghar, the paltan market area, which connects many places like a string. The city holds a true value in climate too. Whole sole package when it comes to residential areas.


Some of the prominent areas are like Indra Nagar near Seem Dwar, a genteel locality with bustling market near plus clean and tidy roads. Connectivity is also easy and station is near about 5kms from here. Another one Vasant Vihar near FRI and IMA, clean and scenic, the place is well connected but yet good options for those who avoid rush in places of living.


Next is Nehru Colony, the famous Himalayan Institute of Technology is here, it is close to Fuwara Chowk. One of the most prestigious one is the Race Course area, it is linked with Tyagi road and lies close to both ISBT and Station, central point you can say. The district court is also near to this place, the roads are wide and holds least traffic in major part of the day, the police line is in this area.


Another one is Hathibarkala where the Survey of India Campus is located, even a part of Rajpur road crosses through this place. The people living here are from the high stature of society. It is definitely a YES, if you are searching posh areas in Dehradun.


Rajpur Road is known for being the uplifted face of Dehradun, it is the proud abode of all known brands, be it apparels, food or any other thing, you will get here. It stretches long and touches many important areas of Dehradun, a place like to live is surely a dream thing!


While Chakrata Road and Sahastradhara road are coming up with a variety of residential projects where you don’t have to search much and will get your accommodation easily either online or through a network of dealers operating there.


Others like IT park, Nayagaon, Jakhan, Canal Road, Patel Nagar, GMS Road, Turner Road, Dalanwala and Maharani Bhagh are also notable ones.


Happy living for all!


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