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Tehri Garhwal- the city of Dam!

On the southern side of the majestic Himalayas, Tehri Garhwal is a sacred hilly district of the pious Uttarakhand State. According to folklores from Hindu Mythology, there are legends which show the great Tehri Garhwal with valuable spiritual significance attached to it. From here, River Ganga arrives at Devprayag thence, the rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda joins and form the one pious water body! There are many temples, spread across the whole area.

New Tehri which is the headquarters of Tehri district is a beautiful planned city. It is the only planned town of the state. The town overlooks the lake and the magnificient dam. It is the major tourist attraction for the district. There has been a long, more of progressive history behind this dam and the displaced people of the area.

How to Reach Tehri

The place can be reached by air through Jolly Grant Airport, which is about 93kms from there. There are many tourist spots which attracts the tourists round the year here. NH94 is the main highway, which enters into Tehri goes through the famous Narendra Nagar and then bifurcates through the city. It goes directly into the district, Uttarkashi. It is a beautiful place and is well connected through buses and taxis. The nearest rail head would be Rishikesh.

Hotels in Tehri

You must have heard about the Hotel Ananda Inn, the place nestled in Narender Nagar. That hotel needs no introduction, that fort of the Shah Dynasty is the example of true royality, a hotel can offer. If you have a hot shot budget, you can always get into this best hotel of Tehri. There are other hotels as well. United-21 Ganga View Resort, Club Mahindra Kanatal and Tehri Club and Resorts are some of the high end hotels in the area. These hotels offer best of service, comfortable, spacious rooms and cordial environ to live in. Grand Sirmaur Hotel, The Terraces Spa Resort, Classic Hill Top Resort, Hotel Devki Palace, Hotel Bhagirathi Darshan, Astraal Spa And Reorts, Hotel Gautam Residency, Hotel Shiv Palace and Hotel Basant Palace are some of the other names which are reliable and offers a commendable service too, well within budget

Things to do in Tehri

Other than the famous and the most controversial Tehri Dam. There are yet many places for your travel and tour list, which are worth mentioning here. The places are most underrated, but a trip to Tehri is something, you will never ever forget. Let’s check the names and what they are about!

The famous Tehri Dam

Worth mentioning at number One, is Tehri Dam, counted among largest and highest dams in Asia. The dam is an astonishment, as the view is not just scenic, but also a brave example of the efficiency of the combination of man and technology together. The reservoir of the dam is connected to the world’s one of the largest hydro electrical work, which is taking up water from the great rivers the Bhagirathi and the Bhilangana.

Trekking in and around Tehri

There is no limit to the trekking trails in the region, you can easily contact the locals and they can guide you through some of the easy to tough trails spread across, especially near the Old Tehri. Trekking is common in the area and thus the locals can provide you vital information regarding the same.

River Rafting in Tehri

River Rafting is yet another adventure sport which takes place in Tehri Garhwal. The white water rafting is the most common adventure sport.


It is one of the most special places around Tehri Garhwal. It is about 18kms from the place. There is an amazing panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas, it also offers an incredible view of the River Bhagirathi.

Rock climbing in Tehri

This is one of the toughest terrain adventure sports. Rock Climbing is one of the most interesting acts which is done there. You can really take help from the locals.

Sem Mukhem temple in Tehri

This temple is dedicated to the Naga Raja. The Hindus considered this temple as a sacred and ask wishes from the deity offering prasada in return. It is on the edge at an altitude of 2903 mtr above sea level, it is on the Khamba Khal - Sem trek trail.

Gautam Rishi Temple in Tehri

Gautam Rishi is considered one of the place related to Saptarishi. The saint was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. It is believed the water nearby is as pious as the river Ganga itself.

Devprayag around Tehri

Devprayag is another most attractive place around Tehri. It is about 28 kms from the city. It is of great importance to the Hindus, as the place holds true value in the mythological books of Hindus. There are two holy rivers called the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanada. These rivers are also worshipped as one of the most pious rivers in India.

Narendranagar around Tehri

Narendranagar is about 30 kms from the main town of Tehri. There are beautiful views in the whole place. Most of the famous personalities, travel in this picturesque town of Narendra Nagar.


14kms from Tehri is the most quaint place in Tehri, named Kanatal. If you are seeking peace and solitude, then this place is for you. There was a lake once found in these parts of Tehri with the same name!

Food in Tehri

Kentura Restaurant, Sangam Restaurant, Day Night Restaurant, Himalayan Restaurant, Hill Town Restaurant, Vaishno Maa Kunjapuri Restaurant, Rana Restaurant, Mountain View Restaurant, Oasis Restaurant and La Tavola Con Te are some of the most popular names in Tehri. You can get a large variety of fast food also in the place. There are many outlets offering local food also. There are many outlets for snacks and small eateries for immediate pangs of hunger. Food is easily found in all the areas, especially near the tourist places. People eat a lot of fruits here. There are many seasonal fruits! The best thing about the place is, because of being a planned city, the food zones is well spread across the town.

Education in the Tehri

There are many Government schools operating in the new town especially. But it is not that there are any less number of Private schools. Education is a crucial part of the localities there and it is not possible for them to travel much in the outer of the city or to main districts like Haridwar or Dehradun. There are many ancestral properties in the place. To name some of the popular schools:

  • All Saints Convent School
  • New Tehri International School
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir
  • Kendriya Vidhyalaya
  • PIC Baurai
  • Boston Public School

There are colleges also for higher studies in Tehri district.

Weather in Tehri

The rainfall in Tehri causes a lot of water lodging and disparity. The rest of the time, the place is quite composed and calm. The winter is beautiful, cool breeze makes the town chiller. While during summers, mercury does not rise much! It touches somewhat 30 degrees, the evening and night are still bearable. The lake makes the climate more enduring and just!

Necessities and Utilities in Tehri

While you are travelling you may need a list of Banks located in the area and the linked up ATMs, here is the list that may come as handy for you.

  • HDFC Bank Ltd
  • Allahabad Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • IDBI Bank Ltd
  • UCO Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • State Bank of India

If you have met with any accident or untoward situation, health care centres, clinics and hospitals are something you will search for! This may not happen, but prevention is better than cure!!

Kindly find the list below:

  • Additional primary Health Centre
  • Ayusha Ladies Hospital
  • District Hospital
  • Dr. B D Maithani clinic
  • Government Combinaed Hospital
  • Suman Hospital

These are some of the names which can be easily traced down in Tehri. Rest there are small health care centres too. You can always take help, cordially from the locals.

Tehri has been in news for multiple reason, primarily because of the Dam construction. There has been many THDCs colonies located across Uttarakhand, which gave shelter to the dislocated people of the Old Tehri, which is submerged in the lake now. There has been widespread protests when the dam was under the scanner, while it was being constructed and later too. Even today there are groups sitting in Jantar Mantar, Delhi, protesting for it, There are tragic stories of many people attached to this Dam. There can be no positive or negative part of the story, there has to be development but people are asking, “What is at stake for development?”. There are multiple tussles to it, but Tehri went through all this and has somehow adjusted to the present.

Now the town is open for tours ,and the Dam is becoming a boon for tourism, scientific research projects, small trips, picnics, study etc.

The people of the town are humble and lives life at a slow pace. There is no hurry or compromise with nature, they still believe in a lot of mythological stories, customs and culture of the Garhwal region.

#The Dam is damn attractive!!!

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