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Climate in Uttarakhand

Uttrakhand tops on the tourism list, especially among the northern states of India. It is famous due to its friendly climate.
Climate in Uttrakhand is largely divided into two sections, the plain terrains and the hilly areas. It is commonly believed that the plain areas have similar climate as other states, but in the summers here, the breeze is always light and cool, even in daytime while riding you may not feel humid or heat. The sun rays are sharp and clear due to less pollution than the other cities. But the heat is bearable. Sometimes, if the temperature crosses 40o , then surely rainfall may hit the place with lots of thunder effects to shake the Earth.

Still in hilly areas the summer is pleasant and one can easily spend their vacations in parts of Mussorie, Dhanaulti, Kanatal, Chakrata etc as these regions get less warm, enjoyable even in summers. While in winters, many of the hilly areas become inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. The snow covered roads become a clog point for accessing these areas where temperatures may dip below zero.

While in rainy season, the hilly areas get heavy rainfall with lots of landslides and other natural devastations hitting the state since its inception, even plains are not saved from a rain shower. While thinking about climate one cannot forget the 16th June 2013 disaster which happened due to cloud burst and affected whole Uttarakhand immensely.

Autumn here has light, cool air, different shades of dry leaves, pleasant time for long route travel and fun.
Even though there is a difference between the weather in the hills and plains of Uttrakhand but mostly the climate is pleasant overall. The best time to visit parts of Uttrakhand (hills) is summers to escape the heat of the plains.
And in winter you can stay in the Uttrakhand (plains) which becomes a welcoming change and an outgoing offer in December and January, many carnivals and fairs take place during that time.

The state is always in a celebrating mood, just that their way of celebration is simple, down to earth, closer to Mother Nature. It is a pleasant change to visit Uttrakhand especially for people born and brought up in metro cities. One thing you must remember, while you travel to Uttarakhand you must get your rain gears like an umbrella, raincoats etc with you, the state is quite unpredictable in terms of heavy rainfall. It so happens the rain shower may differ in just within 10kms of stretch sometimes may be less, at a place there may be a lot of rainfall but going ahead to just few kilometres you may see dry roads. It is in the habit of the state to surprise the visitors with such tactics.

#DO NOT worry about the climate here, Uttarakhand always welcomes its guests with open arms!!!