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Map of Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand Map

When on 9th November, 2000, Uttarakhand became a separate state, the Northern hills of the majestic Himalayas was carved into a special section so that more attention is given to the development of the place. Uttarakhand for its development gets help from its neighbouring states also. The capital city is Dehradun and there are 13 districts in the state. Total area of the state as in the year 2017 is 53,483 km2.

The state was being fixed out from the Himalayan and adjacent north- western districts of Uttar Pradesh. The northern border of the state is shared with Tibet; there is the Mahakali zone of the western region. Its eastern side is the country Nepal. Other than these International boundaries, there are few bordering Indian states as well.

Uttar Pradesh is located to its south and Himachal Pradesh is located to the west as well as north-west. The state of Haryana is on its southwestern corner. The state is separated into 2 divisions- the Garhwal and the Kumaon.

Below are latitude and longitude of Uttarakhand State - 30.0668° N, 79.0193° E

Uttarakhand is divided into two regions - Garhwal and Kumaon.