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Visiting DehraDun? Dont miss these must go tourist spots

Dehradun is the place which attracts more than thousands of tourists every year. Some people travel here for educational purpose also. But most of the people are here to enjoy the scenic beauty, the pleasant weather & the artistic architecture!

Dehradun is beautiful in terms of greenery, not just that , it is a complete city as it has the most busy Paltan Bazaar, which is a perfect market located at the heart of the city plus the aesthetic places too.

The city has a 6 sided clock tower, racing with time, this city has come up as a total package of entertainment, information source, touring spot and so much more.

There are many places in and around Dehradun which we can get into our list of “Must visit places in Dehradun”.

To name some are:

FRI- A lush green Institution dedicated to the study of forest in detail. The campus was captured into the camera for the shooting of the Bollywood film “Student of the year”

Robber’s Cave- Popularly known as Gucchu Pani, it is one of the most mysterious place to visit, with many stories wrapping the origin of the place, let’s explore to know more.

Buddha Temple- The beautiful structure and the peace inside the arena, makes you feel like staying there forever.

Lacchiwala- It is quite far from the main city, still worth a shot. A typical picnic spot, the nature wraps you.

Monastery- While the Tibetan market and the food from Tibet has its own space here, the monastery also occupies a special place in the hearts of people here.

Dehradun Zoo- Earlier named as Malsi Deer Park, the place is now closely knit and special species of birds and other living creatures are kept here.

Daat Kali Temple- The temple located just when you enter through the forest road from Delhi and is around 14kms from the main city Dehradun. It is at the start of the city.

Santala Devi- A religiously sanctified place with lots of people swarming in for the purity it has been attached to.

Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara and Nanak Sar – They are the prominent Gurudwaras here, there is also a Jhanda Saheb Gurudwara, which sees a lot of devotees every year.

Khalanga War Memorial- A place which speaks the story of the bravery shown by the Gorkhas in the year 1814, in the battle of Naalapani.

Tapovan- Not to forget the Guru Dronacharya’s spot of penance which sees a lot of people every year as tourist and devotees.

Wadia Insitute of Geology- A perfect place to explore the geology of India, you must visit the museum to know more about the best of geology.

Shiv Mandir, Sai Mandir and Chandrabani temple- The religious people won’t be disappointed here either.

Maldevta- The place is beautiful, enchanting, steps ahead the Dehradun region, but linked to it through beautiful smooth road! Don’t miss the Lal Pul there.

The Chaar Sidhs- Just explore the stories which surround the four sidhs namely: Laxman Sidh, Kalu Sidh, Manak Sidh and Madu Sidh.

Rajaji Reserve Forest- Who doesn’t know what am talking about? It is one of the most famous place here.

IMA- The Indian Military Academy is the soul of Dehradun, it is the training academy for the military enthusiasts.

The spirit of Dehradun lies in its tourism industry. The rise in the inflow of tourists is a proof enough about the popularity of the place especially as the tourist place. These are just the notable ones, there are many places in Dehradun, hidden in the womb of nature, away from human existence. Those places are the true abode of nature where one can spend their leisure moments.

If you will see the interiors of Doiwala village, the place near Thano, the area above Shikhar falls, the places near Jakhan you will find how worthy are these places of some beautiful photography and meditation.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Dehradun offers peace and sanctity in the form of the natural resources here. But also the best part is, it has everything for everyone here, you can also find cinema halls, multiplexes to spend some more time here. Other than that the interesting market areas will also consume much of your money and time. It is a package of beingthe best tourist destination!