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Uttarakhand, The heaven on Earth!

ChatpataDun, About us, is all spiced up a destination for everything about Uttarakhand. It is a collaborative venture, an initiative by team of Uttarakhand lovers.

We are working for the development of the state and all its districts and small places at its best. We are trying to bring in, contract the Northern Indian belt of hills, into an easy chart out website information. Not just informative, we are trying to make it an interactive web service, so that it can be beneficial to all.

It all started in the year 2011, with just small idea to do something for the state, true to say, directionless for some time, things got into shape as and when we started exploring more into it. It is now a planned set start up, for the people of Uttarakhand and by the people of Uttarakhand!

It has been a seed of effort, a positive thought and for social upliftment of the state in terms of tourism, education, industries, real estate and for best of living social experience.

This is a portal, more like a home, a guide map for the state, from a pin to the sword in the state, latest happening, a social platform, connecting the Uttarakhandis in a digital rope, for the betterment of all.

We have various segments in this portal for your convenience, stratified in the easiest ways; in just few clicks all your queries regarding the state would get answered. The website is not just for those in Uttarakhand but for all those who were, who are or who want to be the part of Uttarkhand for short term or for permanent time. We have something or other for all.

for tourism

We have listed down, penetrated the state to its best places, small townships which are explored or unexplored in tourism’s perspective. We have enlisted, hotels, food outlets, restaurants, banks, atms, anything to everything a tourist may seek in a new place. We have explored all the places and had collected only first hand information to give you the authentic and updated data. We understand what it is to be in a new place all hyped up for enjoyment; we have taken care of the smallest need to the main subtle necessities of a traveller.

for jobs

With lots of goodwill put in this site, we had already placed thousands of people in the right positions. There are job listings in the portal which can give you exactly the connection you have been looking for in other job portals, what makes us different is the authenticity, there is no middle person, directly the company reaches out to the individuals through the profiles created on our sites. Even though those who get connected through us, have not spent a penny.

It’s the effort for society that is hidden behind all this. The project was meant for the good of the society. The management behind the scenes are looking for the popularity profit more than the monetary gains. But true to its nature who doesn’t like a pocket full?

Well!! Here are many ways you can reach out for your dream job through us, just enter and create your profile rest everything follows.

for real estate

A section of our team is totally into the lands and property in various parts of Uttarakhand and to check through the situation in the real estate market. The fight is tough and all we need is to work harder to hit the right property at the right time. We have got experts in the field of real estate and the listings are checked up for all the needs and requirements.

for social networking

People may join on various social networking sites connecting to others sitting in far off countries, but do you have any idea who lives in your next lane?

That is what our aim is, before going global know your “gali”, know your colony, know people of your town, your city, cause in the mid of a night if you need some help, you can only bang on your next door not to the person sitting seas afar.

Our main idea is to make people connect with each other and help know the hills better.

We all know the main difficulty Government faces in handling the state’s development is that they can’t access the hills properly, and only we can help them do it better, get the hills connected to plains, let the unknown of our state be known at not just the national level but at the global level.

This initiative is a foundation to make this 17 year old state into a thriving developed place, where people can see opportunities beneath the belt of forestry and can understand leaving for big cities would no longer be required as opportunities are just in your next lane.

This is also a way of reaching to the people outside and making them aware of the state and its hidden treasures, the beauty it has and other things which Uttarakhand has to offer!

It is just a beginning where you all can join in and turn this place into the dream planned state you all wish it to be, with lots of efforts is trying to build a structure which will become the face value of the Uttarakhand.

Let’s explore the state in a new way!

Welcome on board!

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