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Welcome to chatpatadun - Has its own evolution history. The website came into existence in December, 2011 for providing free classifieds service for the people of DehraDun. There are two founders of the website, and both the founders are local residents of DehraDun.

Over the period of time, the website collected the feedback from the localites and added new functionalities. The website is still an evolving concept and we, as the founders of ChatpataDun, make it a point to give importance to each and every feedback we receive.

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Tour & travel

ChatpataDun offers wonderful collection of tourist spots in Uttarakhand, based on categories like hills, lakes and trekking etc.

The tourists can find plethora of information about the flora and fauna in Uttarakhand, including temples like Char Dham Yatra and unexplored locations within Uttarakhand.

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The business owners of Uttarakhand may get their businesses added on ChatpataDun. The businesses added on ChatpataDun get the advantage of being visible on search engines. The business information may be added at the detailed level, including the business website, contact email id.

The detailed information will help the local businessmen get the leads about their businesses.

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ChatpataDun has a dedicated functionality for business promotion and advertisement. Here, ChatpataDun provides a dedicated banner space on one of the pages of the website.

This gives an excellent opportunity for the business owners to promote their businesses online and create awareness among the visitors about their brand.

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