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ChatpataDun - About Us

Has its own evolution history.

The website came into existence in December, 2011 for providing free classifieds service for the people of DehraDun.

There are two founders of the website, and both the founders are local residents of DehraDun.

Over the period of time, the website collected the feedback from the localites and added new functionalities.

The website is still an evolving concept and we, as the founders of ChatpataDun, make it a point to give importance to each and every feedback we receive.

If you feel, that you would like to get associated with ChatpataDun, feel free to get in touch with us at by dropping us an email at We love to add great talent to our team!

If you have some happy or sad stories to share with us, you may again drop us an email at

We strongly believe that our critics are our best well wishers!

Rest assured, we are working day in and day out, to give the value adds to the localites of DehraDun and to serve the people of DehraDun.

Wishing the ChatpataDunites, all the best and thanks in showing their belief and trust in us, over the past years, in many future years to come!