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Doon Cambridge School, Haridwar


Doon Cambridge School, Haridwar

(Affiliated to ICSE Boad, New Delhi)

Haridwar : Phone : +91-133-4225941.Fax : +91-133-4222975

In the tranquil surroundings of the Shiwalik, on the banks of the holy "Ganga", Haridwar  is one of the most sacred place in the world. A crucible of singular beauty, the school is wrapped in an enchanting silence. Haridwar- the land of mythological frame and fantasies, has a spectacular river terrain, green valley, orchards majestic wooded mountains. This is the ambience we strive to give your child for , an auspicious beginning to a new pollution- free life. welcome to the "Doon cambridge school" (Haridwar).