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Welcome to ChatpataDun! We encourage you to write, and make your beautiful travel to Uttarakhand memories timeless. What more, ChatpataDun pays you for writing your article.
In order to be part of this program:
Step 1: Register on Remember, registration is free of cost! Please make sure you have a photo attached to your profile.
Step 2: Document your story in a word document with minimum 1000 words. Add some pictures (atleast 3-4), to add real feel to the story.
Step 3: Send the story and pics separately to
Step 4: The story and the pics will be reviewed by the management. Your rewards will be transferred to you.

Some ground rules, for good rewards:
1. The story should be original, with no copy paste. It should be general story, without the name of travellers, describing more on the travel experience, precautions to be taken for the travel, places not miss etc. The travel story must be restricted to Uttarakhand only. The story must be in English only, with proper punctuation and tense.
2. Please give management 48 hours to hear back on your story
3. Please email the story from your ChatpataDun registered email id only
4. Rewards: Rewards will be upto $50, converted to the local Indian currency, for premium quality articles. The money will be directly credited to your account, post discussion.

ChatpataDun is not responsible for the content ownership issues. ChatpataDun is just the publishing platform for the users.

Please Note: Rewards will be higher for the stories around unexplored places in Uttarakhand for example Gaumukh trekking, Himalaya trekking.

Get ready folks, come out with your creative writing skills.