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Champawat- The land of Lord Shiva

The city which was earlier the great capital of the Kumaon Kingdom. It is famous for the various temples, historic folk stories attached to them. Baleshwar temple being the ancient and a historic landmark located in Champawat. The River Ram Ganga acts as the border between the places Champawat and Pithoragarh. The Jabgura and Pannar rivers act as the borderline between Champawat, Udham Singh Nagar and Almora. It is believed to be the place where the turtle incarnation of Lord Vishnu actually took place.

How to Reach Champawat

The Pantnagar Airport serves as the domestic airport for the Champawat district, which is around 160kms from the place. There is also the Naini Saini Airport, but the flights are not frequent to the airport. If you want to come by train, then surely the station of Tanakpur is the closest to Champawat. The trains from major destinations or major cities are frequent here, so travelling to this place by train won’t be an issue either. You can easily cover the distance between Tanakpur and Champawat in just 2 hours. They lie in close proximity with each other.

Hotels in Champawat

The district of Champawat sees swarms of tourists every year. There are no major peak seasons, except the summer vacations, thus the rush is usual in most of the places. There are many popular spots because of which tourist gets attracted to the place. There are few high end hotels offering best services and luxurious rates, worthy stay too, like Hotel Blu Empire, Hotel Classic , Hotel Ranjeet Palace, Hotel Parvat and Amar Jyoti Hotel. Some of the others to add in the list which are affordablewith cordial staff and some positive reviews in their kitty are: Hotel Baleshwarm, Tiwari Hotel& Restarunts , Hotel Cedar Valley, Hotel Aastha, Hotel Lakshya Deep, Hotel Mandakini Palace and Hotel Mount View. We can also count some of the lessbudgeted yet popular names are the Akashdeep Hotel, Hotel Harsh, Hotel Rajat Deep, Hotel Shiva Residency, Hotel Seahawk, Hotel Ranjeet Palace, Tourist Rest House, Tarush Mountain Lodge and Mystic Mountains

Things to do in Champawat

Among the beauty of Teak, Babool, Sagon Bail and Jamun trees lies the beautiful historic place of Champawat. In the heart of the district lies ancient monuments,culture, history and much more for the amusement of the people of around the globe. Some of the names are:

  • The Baleshwar Temple: Champawat was the capital of Chand dynasty (Kumaon). It was built by Chand rulers in the ancient12th century. It is an exceptional caricature with astounding stone carving art.
  • Shani Mandir: In Maurari is this popular and faith driven Shaani Mandir. It is believed the place grants wishes of thedevotees. The temple lies in the end of the district.
  • Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple: On the Eastern side of the district lies the famous Kranteshwae Mahadev Temple. There is ashrine of Lord Shiva.
  • Abott Mount Church: This church has several stories attached with it. It is one of the rustic places in Champawat,youmust visit to know the reality of the place.
  • Banasur ka Kila: It is about 7kms from Lohaghat, the place is related to the mythological story of King Bali and his Son from the history of Hindu Mythology. It is a great place to visit.
  • Patal rudreshwar: This place is yet another escapade zone. It is a place of Lord Shiva, where it is believed he has been living life of a saint once. Quite a story in itself!!
  • Golu Devta: Named by the virtue of being the most famous local deity. He is one of the most followed names in Kumaon region. There are folk stories attached to them. The real local names go by “Gorilor Gollas”.
  • Ek Hathiya ka Naula: Yet another name of mythological importance. The intricate stone carvings expresses its value forthe Hindu tradition.
  • Nagnath Temple: What makes it out of the box, is the location. The place is scenic. It is one of the most revered places for Hindus across the Globe.

Food in Champwat

The place is filled with many eating outlets. It is one of the most visited places, thus there are a variety of options for food lovers, especially near the tourist spots. You must not miss Bhatt Jalebis. There are other hotels like Swaad Anand and De Lost restaurant which offers both continental and classic India dishes. Most of the roadside dhabas can offer you commonIndian food, which will sate your hunger cordially. There are many Kumaon dish specific food zones too.

Education in Champawat

The reason there are good schools and colleges in the area is simple, people are quite aware and meet their needs within their local areas. The place stays up to date with the life of cities and makes it easy for the growing generation to study by staying within the blockade of family!

Some of the renowned schools in Champawat are:

  • Alakashya Public School
  • Dayanand Arya Vidyalaya
  • JNV Champawat
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Maharishi Vidya Mandir
  • Mount Carmel School
  • Rajiv Gandhi Navodya Vidyalaya
  • St. Francis School
  • A.B.C Alma Mater School
  • Udayan International School
  • Universal School
  • Holy Wisdom School

Collges in Champawat

Not just secondary and senior secondary, higher education is also a landmark in itself in this place.

  • Govt Degree College, Champawat
  • Devbhumi College of Education, Champawat
  • Government Polytechnic, Champawat
  • Bhaghirathi School of technology and Management
  • Swami Vivekanand Govt. PG College

Weather in Champawat

This district has a humid subtropical climate. It has separate wet plus dry seasons. As it is situated at a high elevation,it has moderate climate across the year. The average mercury hits at 24.6 °C. While during June, the mercury may rise to 30 degrees of temperature. The most pleasant or, coolest of all months are end of December and whole of January. Most of the Julyand August it is highly wet and subservient to landslides too. The weather is beautiful due to the presence of dense forests.

Necessities and Utilities in Champawat

What makes travelling safe, is the preparation for any untoward happening. The list of names of Hospitals in Champawat is one of them. Having the Banks and ATMs list is the other one, We may help with both of them.

List of Hospitals in Champawat:

  • Mayavati Charitable Hospit..
  • Karnatic Hospital
  • Chand Hospital
  • District Hospital
  • NHPC Hospital

List of Banks
  • Central Bank of India
  • The Nainital Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Union bank of India
  • OBC bank

What keeps the city moving is the culture they adhere to. They have been following same custom and tradition since ages. There is no questioning or scepticism in the air. Everything is in such a flow, you may not decipher, how you will fall for the cultures so badly. They are in love with the way of life they lead. People there are simple and sees life close to nature. According to most of the locals, the art of living close to nature is what keeps them going as living beings. This is the art they give as teachings to the generations to come in the area. To keep the cultural value alive and thriving in the same manner, festivities and small celebrations marks almost each day spent here. The colourful yet simple life in the district is so attractive, that you won’t feel like going away even once. The magical trance of nature with the sombre attitude of people attach you to the soil of Champawat.

#Enjoy the glory of Nature, at its best!

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