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Rishikesh- The city of Yog Tradition

The city is nestled in the district of Dehradun, these days it is on the top of the "must go" places for tourists. Rishikesh, the beautiful city of Laxman Jhoola with Ganga bifurcating through the the city, is actually the 7th largest city of the country. The city is neighboured by Dehradun and Haridwar majorly. Through the city, the river Ganga leaves the hills and starts entering the plain regions. The place is sanctified by many rishis-munis, who lived here and did their penance. There is a mention of this place in the holy book of Hindus, the Ramayana. With many temples and ashrams, yoga and adventure sports being the activities that attract tourists here, Rishikesh is a popular name now, people are coming over to spend weekends and long holidays. This place remains quiet tight through the holiday season and people enjoy the stay as the localities are helpful and traditional ones. It is starting point for the Char Dham Yatris, people find here shelter and a lot of motivation to begin their tough journey up the hills, it has become a preferable spot to stop!

how to reach rishikesh

The roads leading to Rishikesh cut through Haridwar from Delhi, be it through Shamli, Ghaziabad or Sonipat. You can use your vehicle, and get access to the bus service as well. You can take up trains as the station is in the mid of the city. There are 3 platforms in the station. 6 trains terminate and originate from here. Bandikui-Rishikesh, Haridwar-Rishikesh, Delhi-Rishikesh and Hemkunt Express are some of them. The train’s way is hassle free and easy to access. But you need to book well in time. The last accessibility is by air, then you may come through the Jolly Grant airport which is just 20 kms from here.

hotels in rishikesh

Being one of the most preferred destinations of tourism in India it is totally into hotel lines. The services industry is flourishing like never before. Near the Ganga ghat and Laxman Jhoola there are many hotels. You can get high end luxury hotels, beautiful guest lodge, scenic Ashrams and less expensive yet worthy accommodation also. The place is for all classes and thus the localities had made sure, that no one is left without shelter or food. Some of the names popular among people for hotel choice are: Amaris Hotel, Vasundhra Palace, Chandreshwar hotel, Hotel The Great Ganga, Hotel Nirvana Palace, Raj Palace hotel, Narayana Kunj, Yoga Niketan by Sanskriti and Hotel Sound Sleep.

things to do in rishikesh

In the year 1880 Swami Danaraj Giri founded the famous Kailash Ashram. It is believed that Swami Sivananda the founder of "The Devine Life Society" lived here in Muni Ki Reti for approximately 3 decades. The Beatles came to here in the between the 60’s to study yoga, and ever since this place has transformed itself as "yoga city of the world". Taking into consideration such interesting places and many more enlisted below, plan soon to be in Rishikesh, you should not miss these places:

  • Yoga Ashrams in Rishikesh

    Yoga has been in the Indian traditions since ages, it is a valuable part of Vedic Literature. It's oral transmission makes it all the more confusing to trace its history. The early definitions of this says that it is about teaching forfeiting ego via self-knowledge, wisdom and action. Yoga traditionally was done down south. It travelled outside India through Swami Vivekananda’s teaching and further it was carried on by various sects in India. It is now spread across the whole country, but Rishikesh has gems of Yoga Instructors, they are trained and experienced one. There are many Ashrams in rishikesh for Yoga:

    • Phoolchatti Yog Ashram
    • Anand Prakash Ashram
    • Himalayan Yog Ashram
    • Parmarth Niketan
    • Sivananda Ashram
    • Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Ashram
    • Yoga Niketan
    • Osho Ganga Dham Ashram

    Other than Yoga, you can learn skills of Meditations and attain peace in a natural discourse. Meditation is a core of Yoga, "Dhyaanm Vastutey"!

  • Adventure sports in rishikesh

    The best part about Rishikesh is, it will not let any age group sit idle or get bored, there is something hidden in the treasure of Rishikesh for everyone. Adventure sports are the one which needs a lot of strength, vigility and, so to say guts also, to excel. These are full of risk, but if you are with trained individuals then there is nothing to worry at all. These stunts require supervision and accurate guidance before performing. There are various sports activities held in Rishikesh, some are unique to this place too. Some of the adventure sports done here are:

    • Rafting- Brahmpuri, Shivpuri, Kandiyala
    • Camping- Aspen Adventure camp, Camp Wildex, Aqua Terra, Himalayan Eco Camp.
    • Bungee Jumpin- Mohan Chatti
    • Jungle Safari- Rajaji National Park
    • Trekking- Neer Gaddu trek, Kunjapuri trek, Goumukh and Devaria
    • Kayaking- Kayak School Expedition, Red Chilli Adventure, Expeditions India
    • Biking- Mountain Fox Adventure, Ravers Expedition.
    • Rock Climbing and Rapelling- Shivallik Hills (Adventure compass)

    Some of the other sports activities like Cliff Jumping, Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Body Surfing, Zorbing, Hot air Ballooning and Para Sailing are also there in the adventure tour package for Rishikesh. You can contact the various adventure tour organisers beforehand through the internet or call, or you can book there and then too. The Holiday season sees a lot of rush, thus advance booking is always advisable. Saves time!

  • Ghats in Rishikesh (Aarti)

    The Ganga river runs through the city, thus there are various ghats cling to the river, where, according to Hindu rituals the most important "Sandhya Aarti" is organised. It is a phenomenal view and people love it with all the lightings and chantings, beside the mesmerising sound of gushing river water. It is epic! Earthen lamps afloat on riverbanks with holy hymns echoing all around, flames of lanterns rousing wonder and admiration, the sun calling the day, looms in behind the hills, descending into the Ganga–which is revitalizing. Attending the aarti is a memory which is engraved with hearts of the spectators forever. Triveni Ghat has one of the largest audience for the aarti session in the evenings.

  • Temples in rishikesh

    What makes Rishikesh a holy place other than the countless ashrams and the beautiful river Ganga, is the number of shrines and temples located across Rishikesh. There are beautiful, archaic structures, devoted to Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Rishikesh. Sanctified and purified by the enwrapping Ganga around, the temples become all the more beautiful. Some of the temples there in are:

    • Naalkanth Mahadev Temple
    • Tera Manzil Temple
    • Bharat Temple
    • Shatrughna Temple
    • Kunjapuri Temple
    • Lakshman Temple
    • Swarg Niwas Temple
    • Hanuman Temple
    • Virbhadra Temple
    • Raghunath Temple
    • Durga Temple
    • Bhadrakaali Temple
    • Omakarand Temple
    • Kamakshi Devi Temple

    There are few lesser known temples, small yet beautifully carved out, some near foothills, some in forests, some are on the roads even. If faith is that binds you to tourism, this list would be really helpful to you.

  • Ayurveda in Rishikesh

    If you are searching to learn Ayurveda or seeking medications in Ayurveda, treatment of Ayurveda in Rishikesh, then you are at the right place, reading the right part. Ayurveda is the only field which is a bridge between science and nature. Ayurveda in Sanskrit stands for "the science of life". The body of Ayurveda is vast and covers treatment of many ailments. It is a popular section of medications in India and most reliable one also. The science of Ayurveda has been in the Vedic texts of Indian tradition. Yogic breathing, meditation and herbal medicines constitute the structure of Ayurveda. In Rishikesh, there are many Ayurvedic centres like:

    • Hemadri Ayurveda Centre
    • Ayuskama Ayurveda institute
    • Ayurveda Cottage
    • Haritha Ayurveda Academy and Panchakarma Center Spa
    • Maa Yoga Ashram

    There are many centres which are not that popular but provide proper treatment in less amount. Beware of the deceiving ones in there too. Many are there who can dupe you with money, thus being safe should be a priority there.

  • Astrology in Rishikesh

    If you believe in star positions and science of astrology and palmistry, then you can find your solutions here. Rishikesh has some of the renowned astrologers of the country. You can easily access them through various means. Some of the places you can go for astrology are- Himalayan Astrology, Dr. A. S Kalra, Indian Palmistry Insititute, Dangwal, Ganga Astrology and Palmistry Centre. You can also check on various ghats where you may find people with boards put up for Palmistry. But do not go superstitious with anyone’s remarks, beware of the fraud ones!

  • Special places to visit in rishikesh

    There are various places other than the above mentioned ones, which are unique and special in their own way, you can always visit:

    • Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula- The most important tourist place of Rishikesh, almost the signature spot!
    • The Beatles Ashram- The place of the famous rock band of 60’s, is one of the most preferred places in Rishikesh by tourists.
    • Rajaji Tiger Reserve- The name is enough to explain the grandeur of the place. It is for all those animal lovers.
    • Byasi- A small village, 30kms from Rishikesh, beautiful landscape and an escape from the chaos of the main city. Lost of adventures, stored in for you!
    • Rishikund- It is a small pond, there are many ancient stories revolving around the place, you can visit to hear them all!
    • Vashishtha Cave- It is 20kms from Rishikesh. It is a hermit's place of meditation and mysteriously beautiful to visit.

    There yet many places in Rishikesh, hidden behind the trove of nature. You can talk to localities, to enjoy more of scenic beauty there.

  • Food in rishikesh

    Chotiwala Restaurant or Ganga Beach Restaurant, Roadhouse Bistro or Madras Hotel, The sitting Elephant Rooftop Restaurant or Ramana's Organic Cafe, asks for any flavour in here, you will get from Desi Indian stuff to International cuisines from all over the world. There are various traditional air in the food and customised cafes too. Except for non vegetarian stuff which is not commonly found, alcohol is a big no no, there is everything a food lover needs. Samosas, Lassi and masala chai is one of the most famous eatery stuff! Go and have spice here. Food is kept simply saffron. Just enjoy!

  • Trend and culture

    There are various trends propelling in Rishikesh. The major is the saffron trend. You will get to see rishis and munis across the city and you will get to know them through their spiritual talks and attire, draped with Rudraksh beads around the neck. You may also see people from outside India in large numbers, those who are not even Asians, the craze of Yoga and meditation brings them here. There are many photographers, adventure seekers and travellers of leisure and fun. People are calm and composed, lost in the serenity of the pure city of Rishikesh.

  • Necessities and utilities

    When you reach Rishikesh, in case of financial emergencies or some discrepancies you can always check for the banks, ATMs and hospitals nearby, here let us help you with that!

    Banks in Rishikesh

    • Allahabad Bank- Koyal Ghati
    • Bank of Baroda- Suhavi
    • Canara Bank- Adarsh Nagar
    • HDFC- Railway Road
    • Indian Overseas Bank- Munni ki Reti
    • Punjab National Bank- Laxman Jhoola, THDC, KUMS, Pashulok- UL,
    • State Bank of India- Laxman Jhoola, Railway Road, Virbhadra
    • Syndicate Bank- Virbhadra Marg
    • Nainital Bank- Tilak Road
    • UCO Bank- Near Bus stand
    • IDBI- Koyal Ghatti
    • Corporation Bank- Dehradun Road
    • Yes Bank- Avdhoot Ashram
    • Vijaya Bank- Railway Road

    These are some of the bank names with their known branches, there would be ATMs units attached to them. Similarly, there would be independent units of ATMs as well in the city, the city is accustomed to tourism thus the localities are helpful there in.

  • Hospital and Health Care

    Your health is the most unexpected thing to get disordered in a new place. Due to changes in the climate, water and food intake you may anytime need medical assistance. God Forbid! This shall not happen, but still being in safe side. See through the list:

    • Nirmal Ashram Hospital
    • Bhardwaj Hospital
    • All India Insititute of Medical Sciences
    • C L Kohli
    • Joshi Surgical and Maternity Centre
    • Prasad Hospital
    • Dasmesh Hospital

    These are some of the major names in there, you may also find small clinics there. Take care of your health!

  • Things you must know about rishikesh

    Your health is the most unexpected thing to get disordered in a new place. Due to changes in the climate, water and food intake you may anytime need medical assistance. God Forbid! This shall not happen, but still being in safe side. See through the list:

    • Yoga is not just the culture here, a trend, but like a ritual, if you have serious plans to take it up as a career, this is the best place to get training. There are many training centres across the city.
    • The city is always busy in hustle and bustle but due to its attachment with meditation, the crowd is quite sensitive and intellectual too. People here spend a lot of time lost in the beauty of nature.
    • Maintaining the trend and culture here, do not abuse or litter, don't drink alcohol, avoid appealing or cheap dresses. The place is a sanctified spot for Hindus, a religious door of Shivallik hills, thus you must make sure to abide!
    • There are lots of cases of thugs and fraud in the form of Sadhus in there or disguising as guides, just do not get trapped, keep close attention and be alert about your belongings.
    • For those willing to enjoy the adventure sports there, make sure you get your medical check up done thoroughly before taking up the activity.
    • The best time to visit this place is March-April and September- October.
    • Yoga festivals and Cooking festivals are quite famous in here, you must try them out!
    • Religious books, attires, ornaments, apparels and handicrafts are sold here, try if you are really into it!

There are many things varied through multiple perspectives, this is how people review Rishikesh, till now. You may have a different experience altogether. So just explore and relish!

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