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Glaciers of Uttarakhand


Occupying 10% of the total land area in the world , Glaciers are basically made up of fallen snow which over the years compresses into large thickened masses of ice which have an ability to move , albiet very slowly.

Uttarakhand is home to many glaciers , 9 major ones in the Garhwal Region and 7 major ones in the Kumaon Region.


Glaciers in Garhwal
Nanda Devi Group of Glaciers
Bandarpunch Glacier
Doonagiri Glacier
Gangotri Glacier
Khatling Glacier
Chorbari Bamak Glacier
Dokriani Glacier
Tipra Bamak Glacier
Satopanth and Bhagirathi Khark Glacier


Glaciers in Kumaon
Ralam Glacier
Pindari Glacier
Namik Glacier ( Famous for Saline Water Springs )
Milam Glacier
Maiktoli Glacier
Sunderdhunga Glacier ( Valley of Beautiful Stones )
Kalphini Glacier

The treks organized on these glaciers by trekking companies can cost anywhere between 8000-15000 and last for 8-12 days . These happen usually in the Summer and Spring months of the year ie from March to October excluding the monsoon months as these areas are prone to landslides and floods . These treks offer you spectacular views of the snow clad mountains , amazing lakes and waterfalls in all their splendor.


Some Glaciers also have a mythological angle attached to it like the Chorbari Bamak Glacier where it is believed that Lord Shiva passed on his knowledge to human beings or the Bandarpunch Glacier , where legend states that Lord Hanuman sat with his tail spread out from Hanuman Chatti to Banderpunch. Two of India's biggest and most famous rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna originate in the glaciers of Uttarakhand.


Glaciers are not only an important source of clean water supply but also an indicator of the increasing global warming as they are so sensitive to temperature fluctuations accompanying climate change which causes them to melt and eventually will lead to their disappearance . If we become more environment friendly and reduce the greenhouse emissions by reducing usage of fuels,choose renewable energy , plant trees and have a greener lifestyle then there is a chance that our future generations would also have an opportunity to witness the beautiful and heavenly
glaciers of Uttarakhand.

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