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Development In Uttarakhand After 2013 Flood Disaster!


It was three years ago, Northern Indian states-Uttarakhand and its adjoining areas have witnessed a devastating natural disaster. Heavy rainfall and cloud bursts that triggered devastating floods and landslides take away lives of more than 5000 people and many more injured. It causes the massive destruction which led to heavy losses to physical infrastructure, agriculture fields, human and animal lives and roads.


Damage to bridges trap over 70,000 pilgrims and local people in Kedarnath and neighboring towns and villages in Uttarakhand in June 2013. This reality hits the authorities very soon and they immediately called in the Army, Air Force and paramilitary forces and start the rescue operations at the biggest level ever. Food, medicine and other relief material had been rushed to people urgently and effectively.


After few months of the flood, the rebuilding of the infrastructure of the state and other attractive tourist spots started so that locals can start their normal lives once again. Here are the major developments that held in Uttarakhand after the flood disaster 2013:   

1.    Kedarnath Yatra Reopen For Pilgrims: The rebuilding of Kedarnath valley began within months of this tragedy. Due to the disaster, the ground contact from the Kedarnath has completely severed so to restore the Yatra work started from the ground route. The Yatra to Kedarnath started after one year of the tragedy but the development work still going on to give pilgrims a smooth route. Thanks to the efforts put by the different government and non government agencies after three years of tragedy, almost 20 kilometer route to the temple town wears a fresh look. A large, newly-built pilgrim camp, Lencholi, has also come up for the convenience of devotees, just a few kilometers before the shrine of Kedarnath - with new huts, shops and public facilities.        


2.    Valley Of Flowers Rebuilds And Opened: In order to revive tourism, government of Uttarakhand rebuilds and reopened the valley of flowers for the tourist and nature lovers. The park, located at an altitude of 11,500 feet in the Chamoli district, was shut down after floods triggered by heavy rain that cause massive devastation. After years of efforts, this 6-km-long and 2 km wide 'U' shaped valley -- a World Heritage Site is reopened. It is a home of rare and endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear, brown bear, red fox, snow leopard, musk deer and blue sheep which makes it the most beautiful place on the earth and attract tourist from all around the world.  


3.    Trekking Route Was Considered A "Safe And Tempting": Vast trekking route in mountains of Uttarakhand draws Indians and foreigners for the adventurous activities. But due to the devastating floods three years ago, the tourism department faces the falling number of tourists. Government has made number of improvement in infrastructure and trekking routes so that trekkers can enjoy the safe and tempting trekking spots. Looking for some peace and lots of adventures, you can try the different trekking routes in the mountains of Uttarakhand.


These are major developments made in Uttarakhand after 2013 flood disaster in order to retrieve the normal life of the locals and attract the tourists. The infrastructure and road developments in different areas of the state helps local people to fight back the calamity and enjoy their regular and peaceful life.  



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