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ChatpataDun Blog: ChatpataDun Wall: A new concept to highlight the posts

Back in early 2015, ChatpataDun introduced the concept of ChatpataDun Wall, also called as CD Wall in short. The background of this concept was – there was a need to have a page, which can be used as a promotional page.


So, here is what the founders of ChatpataDun came up with: A wall, which basically summarizes all the posts that are done on the website. The contents of the wall are managed. The CD Wall may show the registered user details, it may show the resumes recently posted on the website and it may also show the movies running in theaters or even the recent job postings on ChatpataDun.


In summary, CD Wall is a single page summary of the happenings in DehraDun / Uttarakhand and summary of the activities on


The founders of ChatpataDun are keen on taking the feedback from the users, and providing a good product for the users of Uttarakhand.


If you have any feedback and review on how we can improve, please feel free to send the details at

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