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Are You Searching For Best Momos Points In Dehradun? We Guide You!


When it comes to snacks and eating out, one must not miss out momos, especially when you are in a place where Chinese and Tibetan restaurants are in jolting numbers. From the youth doodling with the spicy sauce and mayonnaise to the oldies haggling on the plates for one more piece, this food is attracting many for being scrumptious and easily available.


It’s tasty, I bet, pick any from vegetarian, non vegetarian, paneer to egg momos. You can get fried and boiled too. They are dumplings as we call it and locally known as momos. But in Dehradun, even though it’s without doubt available, but you must know which joints really know how to cook it well.


We would recommend not just some popular joints, but also some unknown ones with good food but less popularity.


When you are near Patel Nagar do not forget the Bobby Soup bar, even though the name is not known as such, but they serve delicious platters of momos, Chinese soup etc. It is a fun place, especially for the friends’ hang out.


Next is the renowned Kalsang on Rajpur road, it has been a favourite of many people around Dehradun, some travel miles to get to this eatery point, for their momos plates, which not just tastes heavenly but also serves good at your pocket too.


Praveen at the Kishannagar Chowk, is famous for its momos and combination of soup they serve, the hot and luscious dumplings makes you more and more hungry as you eat them. Joshi near Indra market and the one in front of the Rajdhani restaurant in Indra Nagar are known for serving it the way you want.


Other than these some really famous ones, which are taking rounds in many online sites are KC momos and soup bar at Rajpur road, the Singh soup bar also on Rajpur road and Lala jee’s Angithi at Chukuwala. These and others like Ali Mutton at Cross road, Karki momos at bell road and Bhatt Momos are the names you should pick while you are in Dehradun and hungry for momos.


A few things you must know about this food here, you can get a large variety of non veg momos being served here in Tibetan market so if you are vegetarian ask twice about what is the filing of the dumplings. Also, you must seek time for momos in the busy peak hours like evening snack time, the joints serve hot and after peak hours, the famous ones either close down or are not left with momos for the day.


Some centres like one near Rispana pull and those on the road which travels to Prince Chowk from Rispana via Dharampur also offer momos, Rajpur road is also home to many food outlets serving hot and soft momos with the spicy sauce, fried or boiled.


So when you are in Dehradun or anywhere for that matter, you know how to find the momos plate, you have to look for the famous circular grey color utensil, three or two layered at the eateries, one with them usually have your favourite food. Go out and explore!



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