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Easiest way to get job in Uttarakhand in 2017, Government Jobs & Private Jobs

Are you fed up of searching for jobs in Uttarakhand? Or are you searching for full time or part time jobs in Uttarakhand? Stop here, you have landed on the right page. On this page you will get to know step by step procedure to get jobs in Uttarakhand.


And what more, if all this is free of cost? Amazing, right?


Lets go ahead – and understand and see, how easy it is.


The first step is to sign up. Sign up is free and just a few fields to fill up. The sign up form is available at





As you can see in the form, there are multiple images visible in the background. Just don't get scared with the images. These are the images of some of the users who are already registered on ChatpataDun.


You just need to enter the name, email id, mobile number and password and click on Submit button. Ofcourse, the system will check if you are already registered on ChatpataDun, else it will ask you to sign in with different email id.


Once the signup is complete, the system will ask you to complete your profile.

Why is it important to complete the profile, and is my personal information safe?


Yes, the information in the user profile is absolutely safe and there are no issues with the information. The first thing is that ChatpataDun is hosted on SSL (note the website URL starts with https and not http), which makes all the information transfer absolutely safe!


The reason system asks you to complete your profile is to know more about you. Your educational background, your qualifications etc, all these data points are stored in the ChatpataDun database and help users get the customized job feeds. A B Tech (Bachelors of Technology) job opening is of no use to a user who has done BA (Bachelors of Art). The schools and colleges listed in the user profile are of the ones that are located in Uttarakhand. And the primary reason for the same is – ChatpataDun as such is a community serving the people of Uttarakhand and is primarily targeted to serve them.


If you find any school or college not appearing in the list, you can always inform the site owners at


Next important step is letting the website know about the skills and qualifications of the users. The step is as easy as picking the right skills from a list of checkboxes.

All set, you are done. Next step for you is to select Jobs from the menu and you can search from tons of job openings. What more, you will also get free job alerts on your mail box, based on your skills and qualifications.

All set? Just go ahead and do it now!


Happy job hunting!

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