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A stroll in Paltan Bazar, DehraDun

ChatpataDun is the online community for the people of DehraDun.


Paltan Bazar, the shopper’s den for the people of DehraDun. The best part of the Paltan Bazar is that it starts from Clock Tower, which is right at the heart of the city. The market is on either side of the road, that connects from clock tower to railway station. The best part is that you can find from anything to anything in the market. There are clothes merchants, shoes merchants, grocery shops, eating points, dry cleaners, banks, ATM machines in the market. The market stretches close to 3 km but has enough to entertain the local people of DehraDun.


Here are some of the popular points of Paltan Bazar, not to be missed:

Gaylord Xpress:  This is a famous eating point, next to clock tower at the starting point of Paltan Bazar. The food junction is owned by a sardarji and serves varierty of items from bergers to cone icecream at low prices.

Sunrise Bakers: This is one of the oldest bakery in DehraDun, popular for milk rusk. The bakery is not exactly located on Paltan Bazar, but hardly 20 meters off the market road. The bakery is also popular for badam biscuits and pasteries.


National News Agency: This is probably the oldest News Agency of DehraDun, with most of the newspaper supplies happening from here, across the city. The news agency also owns popular weekly classifieds newspaper – DehraDun Classified.


Meenakshi Fashions: This is a popular garments shop, with the shop offering sarees, lehangas and ready made ladies garments. The shop is located just opposite to National News Agency.


Lakshmi Restaurant: This is again one of the oldest restaurants in DehraDun, located on the main Paltan Bazar. The restaurant offers good south Indian menu and excellent coffee, for the shoppers.

Kotwali: Kotwali is the centre point of Paltan Bazar. This is the police thana, where police constables can be found.

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