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Best Budget And Deluxe Hotels Near Railway Station In Dehradun


Being a travel blogger and creative analyst, when I dig into how people see Dehradun, I decided to travel round the city by local transport. For all those who are worried about the travel expenses there, I may relieve you by saying, the local tempos (blue, numbered ones) are large in number and charge something 5 to 10 or maximum 20 rupees, to drop you in a variety of places. The local transport is frequent and comfortable. Booked autos and Ola cabs are also an option there. So no worries about that too.


I decided to look for hotels in and around the major connecting point to Dehradun, the railway station. There are a number of hotels around this place; lets’ take a round on the roads nearby.


Beginning with the nearest ones to the Railway station, the Hotel Shri Ram and Hotel Shiv Palace are in close proximity to the station, adjoining one is Hotel Meedo though, all of them are budget hotels and offer comfortable stay with convenient location.


If you move forward towards Prince Chowk from station, which is 5minutes or so in tempo, you will reach Tyagi Road on the right hand side.


The Tyagi Road is the hub of Hotels; it also has a shortcut from the backside of the station, which is at walking distance of all the hotels located on the road. The most comfortable and my personal favourites are Hotel Atithi and Sangam Hotel. Both of them have a cordial and friendly staff, looking forward to help you in the best possible way. Sangam is more likely to fall in the budget hotel category where all basic amenities are available and in low cost you can really enjoy your stay. Other hotels like Hotel Invitation Grand just located at the beginning of the road give away a large variety of opportunities to get into your comfort zone. There is one Shagun Guest House, as a small venture this is also a good option if your budget is low. Whereas Hotel Galaxy, Hotel Anmol and Hotel Abhinandan are a bit higher in rates, but gives you so much in return that you will end up being more than just satisfied.


To the opposite side of this Tyagi Road you also have a GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam)’s hotel, Hotel Drona which is under State Government and has a large number of rooms to offer.


#A Zing Tip: Don’t Miss the Nazeer’s outlet near Hotel Drona, they offer some of the best non vegetarian food which you should not miss if you are a foodie (they also have tasty vegetarian food, so don’t be disappointed if you are a vegetarian and you are hungry).....GRAB A SEAT!


Other than these, if you move from station to Prince Chowk there are many more hotels like Hotel Doon Heights, MJ Residency, Doon Regency, Hotel Vishal Residency, Hotel Siddharth Paradise and Hotel Prince, these are great for both leisure and business stays yet affordable. It is a pack of offers, including many outlets to satiate your hunger for food and comfortable accommodation


If you are not really a train traveller, in my next blog stay tuned for hotels near ISBT!


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