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Machhi Bazaar of DehraDun

Every city has a dedicated market for the non vegetarians, and DehraDun is no different from other cities. DehraDun's machhi bazaar is located on a road that connects on one end to Chakrata Road, while the other end connects to the famous Paltan Bazar of DehraDun. The machhi bazaar of DehraDun has lots of shops selling the chicken, eggs, pork as well as goat meat. For the vegetarians, walking through the Machhi Bazaar will definitely be foul smelling affair. The machhi bazaar sells only the raw meat and there are hardly any cooked meat shops nearby. However, the famous Kabir Dairy of DehraDun is located right in the middle of Machhi Bazaar. Kabir Dairy is one of the oldest dairy of DehraDun, famous for milk products. The milk chhachh, lassi and khoya are specialities of Kabir Dairy.


There is another attraction of Machi Bazaar, that is famous Kalika temple. The temple is located hardly 200 meters from Machhi Bazaar and is one of the oldest maa kali temple of Dehradun. The temple witnesses daily devotees from all over the city, to participate in the mandir activities. Every morning yagya (homa) that happens in the temple. The self realized saint Baba Sarvadas, stays in the temple. The city has a lot of devotees of Baba and they often visit temple on the special occassions like Guru Purnima.



Between the machhi bazaar and Kalika bazaar there is a small and famous dulha bazaar of DehraDun. This dulhaa bazaar is famous for buying the items like pagdi, and other similar products for the bridegroom.

ATMs and other facilities in Machhi Bazaar – There is AXIS bank ATM located in Machhi Bazaar, for the commuters to withdraw the money.

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