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How To Preparing for an interview Last Minute? Read below now!


Searching jobs in Uttarakhand or for that matter anywhere in the world, needs a lot of diligence and hard work, one must always remember, the value of patience when it comes to jobs. Once you are called for an interview, the tussle starts then. Your mind and heart differs on various things in case of job interviews.


It is necessary for everyone to understand the key to a successful job interview is not being completely optimistic, but being practical. There are few things you must remember: Do not fret over what you lack, brush your best part. Especially if you are a fresher and have no past experience of working in a professional environment, all you need to do is, carry your bag of confidence with you (remember the confidence and over confidence are two very different attitudes, beware of the latter). Things which you don’t know, have guts to say no, never fumble or lie while you are appearing for an interview, be it for the first time or not.

If we go step by step process of preparing for your first interview, start with creating a simple, straight and realistic resume. Do not flatter or make it wordy, make it direct and NEVER EVER try to lie in your resume or interview.


Once you are done with it, there are small things like, be on time and wear proper formal dress, etc. Before that there are few really important things for you to understand, first and foremost is check for which profile you have applied do you know it inside out, then check the company’s profile, check the background information related to the field too.


General awareness and communication skills are next in line of skills management for an interview after you are done with minute details like time of interview, dress, your resume, company profile, your profile information, you need to focus on the your awareness in terms of current affairs and logic.


An interviewer not just test your knowledge, but your attentiveness, smartness or the overall persona which makes you not just a hard worker, but a smart worker, an asset for the company.


You should remain attentive while you are being questioned, analyse the query, then think before you answer, don’t take too much time, but make sure you answer in the best possible way.


In an interview from your mannerisms of entering into the cabin to your sitting posture, wishing your interviewer, everything is minutely checked and tested. Even though there are different people everywhere, but the general parameters of all the interviews remains the same.


There are two main things you must pay attention:


  • Don’t be nervous, do not lie and do not hesitate to ask again if you fail to understand the question at one go. Be clear about what you say. Keep yourself updated!


  • Do not be too positive about the outcome of the interview, take into consideration that you may fail in it too and don’t get pressurised with an aim of 100% success.





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