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Daat Ki Devi, An Entry Point To Dehradun

DehraDun, the state capital of Uttarakhand has multiple entry points. The visitors coming to this city from New Delhi, the capital of Uttarakhand, normally come via Daat Ki Devi. As the name suggests, this is a small mata temple, located right on NH-72, hardly 15 km from DehraDun city. The route till the Daat ki Devi temple goes through multiple road curves and hilly route. The passersby usually stop at the temple to get the spiritual blessings from the temple.

Since it is a mata temple, there is a lot of crowd during navratras, the nine days of religious celebration in hindu mythology. There is also homa and jaagran celebrated during the navratras at Daat ki Devi temple. The visitors can also have some fun with the monkeys in the region, who normally flock, anticipating the feeds from visitors.

Traditionally, the people of DehraDun, whenever they buy a new vehicle, be it a two or a four wheeler go to Daat ki Devi temple.

The temple is located deep, in the middle of a heavy jungle with hardly any mobile signals in this region. There is a short tunnel located just besides the temple, which the vehicles have to pass through for their onward journey. The width of the tunnel is so small, that the two buses cannot pass concurrently through it, creating the traffic menace at times.



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