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Jolly Grant Airport: An airport connecting DehraDun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie and Roorkee


The Jolly Grant Airport is the only airport which connects as many as five main cities of Uttarakhand, include the state capital. The airport is located close to the famous Himalayan Institute, in DehraDun. It is within 20-25 km range from all four cities of DehraDun, Rishikesh and Haridwar. The travellers going to Mussoorie from the airport, need to go via DehraDun. Similarly, the travellers going to Roorkee from an airport, need to go via Haridwar.

There are local taxi services available from the airport, connecting from an airport to the nearby cities, with nominal rates. The tourists, planning to go for char dham yatra, should plan to go to Rishikesh for their onward journey.

As of December 2015, there are no international flights either departures or arrivals, directly from international destinations. Most of the departures and arrivals are restricted to New Delhi. Off late, there has been direct flight service started between Dehradun and Lucknow. Hope, in the upcoming years, many more flight services start making it more convenient for the people to commute from/to this part of the world.

During the 2013 Uttarakhand floods, the Jolly Grant airport served as the central point for rescue operations, to carry out the relief work.




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