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Popular Ice Cream Eating points in DehraDun

DehraDun has many popular ice cream eating points, but below listed are the best ones:


Falooda Kulfi at Kumar Sweets: Kumar Sweets at Clock Tower MDDA complex is famous for sweets. It is also famous for falooda kulfi, which is served right there for the visitors to chill down. The kulfi is served with milk rabri and is not worth the miss.

Ice Cream Cone at Gaylord Xpress: Gaylord Xpress, which is just next to clock tower and the starting point of Paltan Bazar, offers amazing ice cream cones, at very affordable prices.

Giani Ice Cream: Giani is already a popular name in the icecreams and it does not require any recommendation. Giani ice cream is in demand during the summers across India, including DehraDun.

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