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History of Uttarakhand

Today there is a lot of tussle in between the two states Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh, you may say competition as well. But there was a day when the two states were one united province. Going back to the era of the kings and queens, Garhwal and Kumaon region were separated in terms of their language, customs and traditions. Folks say they are interlinked in various ways, yet were rivals some time back.

These ethnic groups stood on the same side when there was an uproar of separating the northern hills from the Uttar Pradesh and forming it in a united separate state which we call now as Uttarakhand.

There were various reasons which led to the separation of the state from Uttar Pradesh:

 The fundamental reason was the sheer lack or negligence in terms of development in the hilly areas.
 The issues arose as even after five decades of post Independence, this region was way behind the other similar regions of the plains.
 Even though there was so much scope in the agriculture and industrial development, nothing substantial was done to facilitate employment and socioeconomic expansion.
 Not just major population has been unemployed, but there was a difficulty in terms of infrastructure too, there were only 23 kms stretch of proper roads for 100 sqkm.
 Now the development was not just the result of deliberate negligence, it was impossible in the terms of administration to maintain such huge areas, especially the hills which became inaccessible to the governance of the plains.
 With the formation of Uttarakhand, there are high hopes that the funds and policies would be directed in terms of hill developments only. It was believed the central government would pay better attention and would be able operate well.

Earlier Uttarakhand was named as Uttaranchal, there are stories and revolution against that too, political upsurge and demand from various groups to rename it as Uttarakhand. Which was successfully accomplished in the year 2006.

Uttarakhand gained a stature of an independent state in the year 2000. There was a unanimous receiving of this decision. Among the many tensions involved while the state got separated, the incident of the Rampur Tiraha Firing Case which took place on October 1st, 1994 was the most popular one. With a lot of tussle in the year 2000 finally the foothills of Himalayas gathered and was formed the state of Uttarakhand.

The state is known as Dev Bhoomi because of the number of Hindu temples and pilgrimage spots. Tourism and education the main two streams which creates inflow of proper finance. It is a new state and forms the basis of the development in trade and education in the Northern region of India.